Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge

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Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge

Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge – Notebook with the slim design of the charm and beauty continues to increase. If you had only Apple MacBook Air in that market segment, now almost all the brands have a thin laptop that comes with the title Ultrabook. But before Ultrabook echoed, Samsung is one of the vendors who have been in the race’s first ultraportable notebook. While it was not called Ultrabook, the Samsung Series 9 pound notebook world as a formidable rival MacBook Air. Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge
Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge
A year passed and childbirth New Samsung Series 9 as the heir to the series of Samsung’s first ultraportable notebook.

Concept and design
At the time it was first introduced, Series 9 captured the hearts of many people with designs made of thin metal that is very classy – and the same impression we get in this second generation. Although not using the material Duralumin, magnesium-aluminum material’s dark blue New Series 9 is still quite luxurious and sturdy.

For matters of portability, we can say that this ultraportable notebook is one of the best in its class. With a thickness of 12.9 mm and weighs only 1.16 kg, New Series 9 can be lighter than our record books are thick. Similarly, power charger adapter – slim and very compact. But quality is not the best architectures that we are testing.

Wobble in the screen hinge is not severe, but when hit by the position of the screen to change. Surely this would be more difficult to occur if the hinges are not accidentally shaken.
Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge
Some thin notebooks have problems with the keyboard. Because of its shape, the distance to the basic keyboard keys are too short, thus reducing comfort while typing. But we are quite satisfied with New Series 9 keyboard is still quite comfortable.

The size and spacing of buttons feels good in hand, while the touchpad is great too responsive. Samsung has also added LED Backlit features that can help typing in a dark room.

But we simply deplore the material that is easy to capture keyboard key oil from your fingers.

New Connectivity Series 9 is quite complete, but some ports are present in special sizes such as mini-HDMI, mini-LAN, and VGA port specific. As a result, you should give extra attention when storing the cable and additional connectors are quite expensive. But one thing that we liked the design of connectivity New Series 9 slot SD Card Reader is a very practical hidden.
Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge
Samsung includes a variety of applications that make it easier all the default security settings and data on the New Series 9. Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge

Easy Settings in the software, there is a new menu called Boot Management which gives the option to regulate the behavior of New Series 9 at boot and resume. And one of our favorites is the picture that will automatically optimize when watching movies. To open, Samsung provides a special shortcut by pressing the Fn and F1.Samsung also change the look of the Samsung Recovery Solution that looks attractive and intuitive. Here, users can perform backup and restore data and software on it. This application will also guide the user to identify problems on New Series 9 and provide solutions to those problems.

One more interesting feature is the Silent Mode can be accessed via the Fn and F11 keys. With this feature, fan performance slowed to 9 Series does not make a sound, while the graphical Windows Aero is disabled so that the workload is heavy.
Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge
High performance is one of the things promised by the New Series 9. Samsung’s latest ultraportable notebook is powered by an Intel Core i5-3317U-speed 1.7 GHz and 4GB RAM. Thanks to Ivy Bridge dual core processor Hyper Threading technology, the Samsung New Series 9 promises multi-tasking performance and application of a satisfactory basis.


To test the ability, we used PC Mark Vantage benchmark software, 3D Mark06 and PC Mark 7. On PCMark Vantage test, New Series 9 only got a score of 6741 alone. The value is quite a bit below the average of his class, but still better than most notebook processor Sandy Bridge. Better results are seen when we tested it with 3DMark 06. Thanks to the Intel graphics chip HD 4000 Graphics, New Series 9 managed to achieve a score 5146. While on PCMark 7, 3726 score.

When tested with the application of Photoshop CS5, New Series 9 presents a very good performance compared to Sandy Bridge notebook we’ve ever tried. We opened 32 images measuring 5 MP at the same time for editing and everything goes faster.
Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge
May say, the secret behind the speed of the Samsung SSD is located in the. When testing the boot (cold boot), we were very amazed with the results. New Series 9 only takes about 12 seconds away from death until the condition turns into Windows. When resume from Stand-by mode is also quite fast, ie less than 2 seconds. Apparently the secret is also located on the included Samsung software fastboot to accelerate the two activities.

To find out the data transfer speed, we move the 1080p movies for 7.95 GB of external hard disk to desktop New Series 9. After waiting about 3 minutes 55 seconds, the file is sent finally finished.

Full HD movies play was not a difficult task for Intel Ivy Bridge, but which in our judgment is a pleasure to watch a visual and audio. 1080p HD movie we saw looked very beautiful in New Series 9 LED screen is sharp and bright – While the resolution is a little unfortunate not 1920 × 1080 pixels. Audio quality was quite astonishing among other ultraportable notebook. Speakers at the bottom can deliver a loud and clear. But like any other, less powerful bass sound.

The last thing we are to test battery life. This ultraportable notebook can last for about 6 hours after we use it for browsing, watching a HD movie and a half hour duration, as well as typing in Word.

Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge

Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge

The use of third-generation Intel processors really boost performance to a top position among all lines of Samsung notebook. Although the numbers are less satisfactory benchmarknya, Samsung New Series 9 is able to present a good computing experience when tested directly.

But the achievements of Samsung New Series 9 is difficult to surpass the performance of SSD is located on his property. Speed up boot time only 12 seconds positioned as one of, if not, the fastest ultraportable notebook today. Not only that, open the application and file transfer also becomes faster. Another advantage lies in the screen is sharp and bright. But seeing his position as a premium product at a price of USD 13.499 million, is quite unfortunate that the resolution is not Full HD.

For office workers who need a computer that is always ready at any time, Samsung’s latest ultraportable notebook is the right choice. With a blend of performance, design, and high portability, Samsung New Series 9 become one of the best ultraportable notebook today. Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge

+ Design a cool extra thin
+ The screen is very bright and sharp
+ Very fast boot time
+ Battery life is pretty good

– The screen hinges are less sturdy
– Screen resolution not Full HD

Samsung New Series 9 Ivy Bridge


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