Review Tabulet Beat Duos

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Review Tabulet Beat Duos

Tabulet, again presents a tablet PC for consumers in Indonesia are still dogged by “fever” this widescreen device. Carrying the name of Beat Duos, Tabulet seems more serious work with the tablet PC segment pay more attention to aspects of the design in addition to functionality and performance, of course. But do not be fooled, naming “Duos” here is not referring to the availability of two SIM card slots as we usually encounter on Samsung products, for example. Due to be able to connect to the virtual world, Beat Duos rely on Wi-Fi aka Wi-Fi Only. Review Tabulet Beat Duos
Review Tabulet Beat Duos
Two Orientation

Beat Duos in our opinion has a pretty sweet design. The overall dimensions make it convenient to use the tablet with one or two hands, let alone it’s also lightweight. This series also appears to have a “two-oriented” if based on the label “Tabulet” is embedded in the front and back, so if you use the horizontal or vertical position, Beat Duos still comfortable to use.

However, to facilitate a detailed description on the design, we will take the benchmark “facade” Beat Duos are oriented vertically. You will find the front camera to the right and a microphone on the left of the screen. But the frames on the sides of the screen is not as wide, where the left side of the frame is wider which is actually a down side when used horizontally.

On the left side there is an infrared sensor for use with a remote control, which is almost a hallmark of their tablet products since the first appearance. While his right hand smoothly without any ornaments decorate so you can just reposition Beat Duos stand.

Mini-sized power button located on the top, next to the volume. Both of these buttons are within easy reach when you use it in a horizontal position. Also in this side you can find a slot TF (TransFlash) memory card or microSD types. To recharge the battery, connect the USB cable, HDMI port, 3.5mm audio jack, and reset the tablet can do through the bottom side.

Turning back, Tabulet “split” Beat duos in 3 surface where the top and bottom you will find a smooth surface while in the middle of the wide to the right, raised surface design is used to prevent slippery when sweaty hands. Speaker hole with 3 lines are somewhat risky fingers closed when the tablet is used in a horizontal position, but it is safe when used in a vertical position.

Pink Screen

One thing that looks flashy when for the first time issued a Beat duos of the box is the screen that emits aka pink color pink – imagine you are using a particular kind of scratch. The thing is, we were a little confused with the function of the type of display. Is it to maintain privacy? Ah, you can still view content on the screen quite clearly from all sides, really. Or maybe to reduce incoming light? Perhaps, because although you will face quite perfectly reflected in the glass, the content on the screen can still be seen as long as you adjust the position of the brightness at the highest level.

Beat Duos have been using the Android OS version 4.0.3, so as to interface and display menu is not much different from the Ice Cream Sandwich in general. Tabulet provides 5 home page that can be customized as needed, whether the application shortcut or with a variety of widgets that have been pinned.

Not many are included in the default application Beat Duos. Besides some typical applications, we only find AppInstaller to help you install and uninstall applications with ease, File Browser, HDMISwitch to change the resolution when you connect Beat duos to another device using the HDMI cable, and pixcir-TangoC to calibrate the device and select the Bootloader mode .

But there is one interesting feature that I found on the System Settings section, the option to set the CPU performance by 3 piliha modes: Normal, Performance or Power saving. Choose Normal for performance and battery usage balanced, perfomance if you need more performance such as playing or watching a video, but will spend a lot of battery power, and Power Saving if you want to save battery life when not able to find a power source to recharge.



Go to the benchmark testing, Bear screen duos when tested using the MultiTouch Tester able to respond to 5 touches at the same time. When we tested its performance using the GL Benchmark 2.5.0 that displays animated fight scenes with the backdrop of Egypt, Beat Duos seem not able to deliver smooth graphics. Review Tabulet Beat Duos

Beat The screen resolution is 600 × 976 Duos with ARM Mali GPU-400MP.Pengujian with a total points AnTuTu 6071 – pretty good for placing Beat duos in the sixth position under the Samsung GALAXY S II and the LG Optimus 2x. The results of the Quadrant Standard Edition, better yet, being able to occupy the third position in the X and HTC One and the Asus Transformer Prime still on the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1.

Beat Performance Duos supported by ARMv7 processor Dual-core 1.2 GHz. The use for the various activities are classified as current even though there are still some obstacles. Like when we played the game Dead triger. Movement of the characters that we play is not to say smooth, but still within tolerable limits, which means not too disturbing preoccupation play. As for HD video playback also found no problems, except for the sound output from the speakers in the back of a less strident.

Even so when we use it for browsing using perambaan bawaanya. A variety of content in the virtual world is able to open pretty well. This is supported by the results of the test are scored Vellamo 1057 and put the Beat duos ranked sixth out of a total of 28 devices were comparable. The score is one rank above the Samsung GALAXY Note.

Beat Tabulet Duos has a camera that is somewhat unusual – just one and it’s on the front. Besides, you can not do any settings, either the resolution, white balance, effects and so on. The only function that you can control is to change the zoom. The results are not yet satisfactory. Even when recording video, we feel that there is a microphone at the bottom of the lens has inadequate sensitivity. At least the camera is pretty good for emergency purposes or for you who like to take self-portraits.




In the battery sector, the use of power can not be said Beat Duos wasteful though this can vary, depending on the mode of administration. Continuous usage will also lead to the effects of heat on the back right side, but still within the comfort of fingers holding it.

8GB of internal memory which can be expanded by using the supplied microSD. In the package, we get a USB to microUSB cable seemingly for the purpose of the USB On The Go (OTG). For these connections, not all devices that we try to identify. It depends on the format used in the USB device. To be safe, USB flash with FAT and FAT32 format will usually be recognized.

Price: $168 or Rp1.599.000

Interesting design plus a fairly reliable performance make Duos Beat worthy of consideration, especially given the price tag of Rp1.599.000. Beat Duos direct rivals in the market is a product of smartfren, andro tab, which managed to attract the attention of users with a price range of less than 1.5 million dollars.

Beat Duos will be showcased at the event Yogyakomtek 2012 at the Jogja Expo Center from 29 September to 3 October. If you are outside of the city of Yogyakarta, can visit the page at Tabulet, join their Facebook page or follow his Twitter for more information.

(+) Attractive design
(+) Reasonably capable hardware performance
(+) Price is relatively affordable

(-) Poor camera quality
(-) External speakers are less loud

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