Review SONY Xperia neo L

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Review SONY Xperia neo L

Review SONY Xperia neo L – SONY seems to have a fairly aggressive marketing plan to flood the market with their Xperia smartphone. After a couple of new series such as miro, tipo, Acro’s, or go introduced in Jakarta, of course, to be reviewed in more depth. With a view similar to Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY, what are the features favored by neo L?. Review SONY Xperia neo L


When the first issue of the box, though I was holding a coincidence Xperia PLAY is used by office colleagues, because the shape of the front is really similar to PLAY in the closed condition.

Review SONY Xperia neo L

The size is different, with a thicker PLAY with the size of 119x62x16 mm, compared to neo-sized L 121 × 61.1 × 12.2 mm. Weight neo L is also lighter, which is 175 grams compared to 131.5 grams. In short, neo L as “the front of the Xperia PLAY with no control buttons for the game.”

Sony play-vs-neo-L

Ignore the label is printed, which is now the Xperia PLAY and guess where the Xperia neo L?

On the front are included earpiece is flanked by the left front of the camera and light sensor on the right. Meanwhile, four physical buttons below the screen dimensions are too small for me, which caused a bit difficult to access, especially during initial use. SONY may still consider the inclusion of touch sensitive keys as found in many other Android phones, risky experience “miscommunication” with the intent of the desired user. However, the use of small buttons, I think also it’s not ideal.

new neo-L-desain

A neo L-screen measuring 4 inches with a resolution of 480 × 854 pixels using LED backlit. Quite relieved to perform a variety of serious and casual activities. Unfortunately, the glass layer is very easy to leave fingerprints. On the left there is a microUSB port while on the right side you can find the power button and volume. Unique curve of L adds to the body beautiful neo designs, especially when viewed from behind, but making the power button and volume was a little difficult to access.

The use of two microphones to the stereo sound, still maintained by SONY. In the neo L, one microphone located on the upper side with a 3.5mm audio jack, while the other was in the bottom close to the niche to open the back casing. Unfortunately, the microSD slot is located under the SIM card slot so you must first remove the battery to access it.


Overall, the design of neo L that has 2 colors black and white, remain attractive and elegant, though not feeling refreshed. Maybe if SONY provides a large selection of colors such as pink, purple, maroon and so on, will make increasingly attractive to neo L norm.


Fitur-neo-L-3 sony

One plus the value of neo L is on the OS being used, the ICS 4.0.3. Understandably, some of the preceding series was injected with an option Gingerbread “upgradable” only. However, personalized a la Timescape UI makes “sense” in the neo ICS L looks the same as Gingerbread plus Timescape. You can add widgets, and folders on 5 pages Home is available with a choice of quite a lot. Timescape UI widgets, especially in the multimedia side, including my favorite one because it looks cool and easy to use.

On the lockscreen (screen lock), you can still access the music player controls Prev / Play / Next when playing music. The absence of the shutter button is anticipated with fast access to camera options from the lock screen, simply by sliding the camera icon to the right.

Fitur-neo-L-1 sony

On the main menu, features and typical applications which we are familiar Xperia can also be found in the neo L. Call it Timescape, which brings together the various social networking accounts so easily accessed and monitored from the Home screen (Home) even; PlayNow (market specific applications like Samsung SONY Mobile Apps); TrackID to identify songs to record, News & Weather, Update Center, the device is connected, LiveWare Manager, Help, Places, Navigation, Latitude, Wisepilot which can be relied upon as a personal navigator; NeoReader to scan the barcode to Get Applications & Games.


In addition, there is also a Play Books that you can use to shop for a wide range of literature on the Play Store; and Music & Video as well as applications and games that will “collect” multimedia content distributed or preferably your friends on Facebook or YouTube; EA Games providing games made by EA, either free or trial; Xperia different gallery with regular gallery, collecting images or photos stored on the device, a memory card to your social networks with separate folders. Review SONY Xperia neo L

Fitur-neo-L-2 sony xperia

Applications and features associated with the above game, if you hold one-touch application icon in the main menu, then on the side of the screen will have the option “Share” to Facebook complete with comments that could be added. If successful, there will be a pop up screen information that came out for a few seconds. This is a quick and easy way to share your favorite Android apps and games for you to your family, right?

Features photo editor can be found by pressing the Option key when you see the photo gallery. There are options such as quick turn to the left / right in the window that appears. If you need more than that, for example (crop), choose a variety of effects, remove red eye and Face Glow, please tap the Edit option. You can set your own parameters according to taste. The result will be entered into a separate folder, which results Edit.

Fitur-neo-L-4 sony xperia

One other interesting thing there is the security features of the device. As we know, from the version of the Ice Cream Sandwich, Google provides Face Unlock feature that will read the owner’s face to be able to unlock the screen. Funny thing is, at the time of initial setting, the device warned that the “Face unlock less secure when compared to the pattern, PIN, or password. Someone who looks like you can open the lock of your phone. “The question is, if it is less secure than previous methods, then why should this feature be?

But without a long struggle with that question, I immediately tried it. I was asked to hold the phone at eye level, and find a place that is not too dark or bright. The process is not long until the camera is able to perfectly capture the front of your face. While my above question slightly missed the next with a layered security demands, the image pattern with a minimum of 4 points is connected, then the question if I forgot the pattern.

neo-L-face-unlock sony xperia

After that, I try to unlock the screen with some of the expressions. If it’s too different, then the face will not be recognized and immediately switch to drawing mode pattern. So if your face is bruised or beaten out of accidents, the phone can still be accessed.


Xperia neo Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset L rely on the CPU Snapdragon 1GHz Scorpion. The results of benchmark testing application bebeapa showed pretty good results. Although Quadrant record total 1190 points, which puts neo alias L in the bottom of the ninth position, with a score of 2985 AnTuTu neo L was placed at the seventh position of the device 9, in the Samsung GALAXY S and under the Google Nexus S.

benchmark-neo-L sony xperia

Neo L performance in opening various web content admirable, being able to sit in eighth place more than 20 devices with a score of 934. It supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA network is also responsive when used with Indosat card. Adreno 205 GPU that works to increase the graphics performance of neo L 4 is supported by the ability to respond to touch at the same time, as it is read by an application Multitouch Benchmark.

While for the quality of media players, almost no significant change from the previous series. The interface is easy to use, setting a fairly complete and reliable quality to the output value of more than smartphone Sony Ericsson has always until now called SONY mobile.

neo-L-performa sony xperia

On the camera, is available up to 5MP resolution for photos and 720p HD video. Use in space or outdoor space is not found the problem, either day or abundant light, and night or dimly lit. Despite having a night mode, you should avoid because it will break even. Just take advantage of the flash at a distance not too close or use the automatic mode / normal as I apply on the photographs below. Unfortunately, the front camera is only capable of taking VGA pictures, looks like a local phone in terms of results. Broke and not sharp. Review SONY Xperia neo L



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