Review Sony Cybershot RX100

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Review Sony Cybershot RX100

Not everyone likes to carry a large camera, no matter how good the quality is. For them, the ideal camera prosumer cameras like the Sony Cybershot RX100 below. Sony seems to try to achieve the perfect balance between compact design and cool with a charming picture quality. Review Sony Cybershot RX100

Review Sony Cybershot RX100

Concept and design
Cool and premium. That was my first impression when I saw and held RX100. The quality of design, materials and sturdy aluminum finishing good, success makes it one the most premium quality compact cameras in its price class. In terms of ergonomics, grip RX100 quite comfortable. Its minimalist design does not provide a bulge to rest your fingers on the front while holding it with one hand, but it can be overcome by adding accessories that are already available grip.

The placement of the control buttons on the back is also quite good, with the right size and easily suppressed. Sony RX100 provide responsive rotary control to select and set various settings quickly. Even there is a “ring” on the lens to set various functions such as zoom, aperture or shutter speed, depending on the shooting mode currently in use. With this ring, setting can run faster. In addition, the RX100 has a special function key, Fn, can save the 7 different functions of camera settings such as DRO, Focus Mode, ISO, White Balance and so on. The Fn key is very useful, especially for photographers who are proficient and want to use the RX100 faster.

Control Ring

For display, the RX100 uses a 3-inch high resolution (1.2 million pixels) is sharp. The display quality is very good, both inside and outside the room (except under very strong sunlight).

Features and Performance
The biggest attraction of the RX100 is located on the lens and the sensor. Sony Exmore CMOS sensor include 1-inch 20 megapixel camera which is relatively big for a pocket camera’s sensor, which combined with a Carl Zeiss 28mm f/1.8 (3.6 x optical zoom). Even the size of the sensor is the same as that used sensor mirrorless camera Nikon 1 Series.

Performance RX100 admirable. All activities can be passed quickly, barely different from DSLM camera (Digital Single Lens mirrorless). Start of determining the focus, the startup time to save the file, all can be solved by hurrying by RX100. One thing that is slightly below average is a pause while enlarging the images that have been taken. For batteries, RX100 also above average pocket camera, with the durability reaches 300-350 photos before asking to be recharged.

Menu RX100: clear and easy to master

Feature photography owned RX100 is complete and modern. You can take pictures easily using Sweep Panorama Panorama. HDR like the photos? There are automatic HDR function in the camera. Also there Multi Shot Noise Reduction that took several pictures and combine them to produce images with lower noise level than that of the shots from the photo. As with other prosumer cameras, RX100 can also record images in RAW format. For starters, there are Auto, and Superior Auto mode which entrust all the camera settings for the best photos (in camera). Review Sony Cybershot RX100

RX100 also gives tips on photographing, directly in camera

And what about the quality of the picture? RX100 capable of producing images with a quality above average pocket camera the other. Low noise, good color saturation and sharpness are very good to be characteristic of the photo RX100. What about the performance when shooting at night? I was a little leery when Sony asked for help Batman designed it. I was very impressed with the quality of photos and a fairly low noise when shooting in dimly lit conditions or at night. The picture is also almost no different mirrorless cameras. Performance macros are very good, although the closest focusing distance is relatively less close.




For the video quality is also very good, even in low light conditions. You can still use the zoom while recording video. There is also a powerful SteadyShot feature dampen vibration effects while recording video.

With RX100 Cybershot, Sony take a step further than other brands. If competitors only adds a lens with a large aperture, Sony also added a large sensor. As a result, the quality of the image produced on the other prosumer cameras in its price range. Perhaps there is only one prosumer cameras that can rival the picture is the Canon Powershot G1X. But G1X present in the body that are larger and have slower performance.

Surely it has some shortcomings. One is a less powerful flash and hotshoe for external flash absence. Flat body design with no protrusions may also be less willing for some users (though can be resolved by purchasing separate accessories grip). And the last one is the price. Sony Cybershot marketed for RX100 Rp6.999.000. Price range does not differ much from the mirrorless cameras (DSLM) with standard lens package. This can cause a dilemma for prospective buyers. However, it should be noted, is not easy to get a lens for mirrorless cameras that have comparable specs RX100.

The combination of ease of use, compact size, captivating design and amazing picture quality Sony Cybershot RX100 delivers a best-in-class prosumer camera for now. Highly recommended for those who need a great pocket camera with a small size and sleek design or need a second camera with image quality almost equal to the image DSLR.

+ Image quality and very good lens
+ Fast and responsive performance
+ Many features fun photography
+ The menu is easy to understand
+ Lens Ring for quick setting
+ Quality design including body and strong for a prosumer camera
+ The video is very good

– No hotshoe for external flash
– You need to connect the charger to the camera to charge the battery, bothersome if you have a spare battery
– Flash comparatively rather weak
– Zoom while viewing photos a bit slow
– Price equivalent to the standard package mirrorless cameras

Review Sony Cybershot RX100

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