Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung breakthrough in the world of telecommunications has not be denied anymore. A list of products with innovative concepts disbursed to enliven the mobile market, smartphones, and tablets. Samsung already introduced the Galaxy Tab with a screen size of 10 inches. Galaxy Note is now prepared to replace the Galaxy Tab 10. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with S Pen features a mesmerizing and the latest quad-core Exynos processor, 1.10 turns Galaxy Note also want to shake the world of Android tablets. Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Concept and design

The first thing that is surprising when we hold the new Samsung tablet is how thin and light compared to its competitors. With a thickness of only 8.9 mm, this tablet is even thinner than some of the latest smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 also has a weight of 600 grams, lighter than the new iPad, which weighs 652 grams.

The design of the Galaxy Note 10.1 modern minimalist theme. Like most other Android tablet, the Galaxy Note comes with a landscape orientation as the default mode. As a result, the front camera is on the top on the landscape orientation or on the side when used in portrait position. White tablets that stop by the office YC pillowcase combines silver frame with white main color harmony. To the outside, the frame is thicker and there is a pair of speakers flanking the screen conveniently. Seen from this placement, 10.1 Galaxy Note is designed to hold in landscape. That’s why the placement of the speakers facing forward is very important, because the sound from the speakers will directly lead to ear users.

At the top of the tablet, which is located several important ports and buttons. MicroSD and SIM card slot is located here, protected by a plastic cover that neatly. 3.5 mm audio jack is also placed here, flanked by the Infrared port, a line with a screen lock button and volume. No ports other than port multi pin Samsung located at the bottom, so you have to use a converter from this port to use USB components. This port is also used to recharge the battery Galaxy Note 10.1, so do not forget to always bring innate wiring tablets when they want to travel. Overall, the design of the Galaxy Note 10.1 more attractive than the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The placement of the buttons and ports are also quite fitting. In one corner of the body, there is a useful for storing the stylus when not in use.


Stylus concept has existed since Microsoft introduced a tablet PC nearly 10 years ago, which was also adopted by Palm. However, since Apple popularized the tablet with the iPad, though the stylus becomes an item of ancient technology and outdated. Though the function of this pen very much, especially as input devices. With the S Pen, Samsung’s back hit the market armed with a credo of KIS (Keep It Simple). For what tired-tired of typing with the virtual keyboard if we could write with a pen just like writing on paper?

S Pen is the active stylus that does not depend on the conduction of static electricity from hands to operate a capacitive screen, so you can use gloves to use this stylus while interacting with the screen Galaxy Note 10.1. Then as an active stylus, the S Pen is able to detect the pressure so it is appropriate to create realistic images, especially in simulating the effect of a brush; artists or art students will definitely menggandrungi Galaxy Note 10.1. Please note, this stylus can be used in the Samsung Galaxy Note product line only.

As a flagship feature, the S Pen fully integrated into the operating system of this tablet. When removed from its place, it will display a menu bar on the right side of the screen that lead to applications that are optimized for the tablet’s stylus. One of these applications is S Note. S Note looks like a notepad app on the Android operating system, but the difference lies in the full integration with the S Pen. With the S Pen, the palm of our hands can touch the screen and automatically S Note will only accept input from the S Pen only. It impressed trivial, but in the end there is a tablet that allows users to write with a more natural position. Sensitivity S Pen is also very high, if like tracing (tracing) the image of the comic, you simply put the page you want to trace and trace over the tablet screen with the S Pen. However, not only the application notes only, S Note also has a “formula translator”. You can enter any formula in writing and the application will automatically find the derivative function by opening a second display via the Internet browser, it is suitable for students of economics or those who have struggled with math formulas.

Besides S Pen, one of the features of the Galaxy Note 10.1 is the ability to open two screens applications at once. Unfortunately applications that can run at once is limited to the default video player, the default email app, Polaris Office, S Note and Gallery. Then, due to the limitations of the Android operating system, you did see the two screens, but only one application is actually run. When I open the browser and S Note, for example, when browsing, then S Note will be in a state of hibernation, it is clearly seen when we want to enter the writing on the S Note that there is a pause / lag when switching applications. Just a video player that can run on both screens without any problems when the multi-screen mode. Even so, multiscreen function is very useful and one of the features that separates Galaxy Note 10.1 of its competitors.

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Unique features that are not less than 10.1 is the availability of the Galaxy Note infrared port is included with the application Peel universal remote that is included. To set this remote to work with your TV, simply select the brand of the TV that was on the list. You can also manually enter the functions one by one in Peel. When you try a universal remote function, we are not surprised by the ease of setting it up. However, a somewhat surprising is the range of infrared Galaxy Note. Used at a distance of almost 10 meters, 10.1 Galaxy Note can still change the television channel. Given the limited space, we could not try more than that distance (because it met the wall). Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


Unlike the previous Galaxy Tab uses Nvidia Tegra dual-core processor, the Galaxy Note comes with a 1.10 quad-core Exynos processor with a speed of 1.4 Ghz. Exynos in the Galaxy S3 has given outstanding performance in benchmarks and conditions of everyday use. For Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung also uses the processor and memory configurations of the same, just for tablets, the use of a quad core processor and 2 Gigabytes of memory is very apparent. Thanks to the large screen size, you can view the content of your favorite websites (9gag?) Without any effort, unfortunately a large screen size is not accompanied with high resolution as well. As a high end tablet products, Galaxy Note 10.1 only has a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, or 20 pixels more than the Galaxy S3. Indeed, we do not expect new high-resolution iPad, but a high end tablet products lately often synonymous with high-resolution screens. For those who are unfamiliar with the new iPad screen, may see Note 10.1 Galaxy screen will still look a bit confused because the pixels are great especially the font, but of course the screen is not the main factor of this tablet.

In terms of performance benchmarks, such as the 10.1 Galaxy Note Galaxy S3 is in the top ranks of the Android operating system-based tool. Even in benchmark testing we have done with the three applications, namely Vellamo, Quadrant and Antutu, Galaxy Note 10.1 consistently beat the Galaxy S3 and in the top position. In Antutu benchmark, only the Galaxy Note 2 and HTC One X + is capable of defeating the Galaxy Note 10.1. Of course, a synthetic benchmark is not an absolute criterion, at least give a synthetic benchmark relative performance of Galaxy Note with similar tools.

In everyday use, the Galaxy Note 10.1 to work without any problems. Thanks to 2 Gigabytes of memory ram, all of our test applications into memory without ever even cleaned. It seems like the amount of memory used by the Galaxy Note 10.1 is more than enough, because the task manager only reports memory usage as much as 1.3 Gigabyte course, that would include active communication applications running in the background such as Skype and Messenger. Running 1080p videos have an obligation to an Android device these days, and the Galaxy Note is able to process high-def video with no sweat at all. With the default video player, you can watch 1080p video with a variety of popular formats such as DivX modern, FLV and MKV.

7000 mAh Battery life that brought this tablet deserves thumbs up. With video playback looping without wi-fi (3G and email synchronization active) tablet can last up to 8 hours, more than enough for a portable video player. Moreover, the position of speaker stands beside screen delivers crystal clear sound without distortion. For everyday use, attractive email, call 15-30 minutes, chatting, browsing, watching videos and playing games, this tablet can last up to one full day. Given the large screen as well as outstanding processor performance, battery life is pretty awesome Galaxy Note 10.1. For light use, this tablet can last up to 4 days without needing to be recharged batteries.

Speaking of heat, it is natural to thin as the Galaxy tablet has a 10.1 Note that hot when used intensively. but herein lies the ingenuity of designers and engineers in designing the Samsung tablet. The tablet is designed to be held in landscape with the Samsung logo on the bottom and above the camera lens. Is unpredictable where is the hot surface on this tablet? Of course in the back of the camera, away from the ideal position grasp Galaxy Note 10.1. When testing this tablet, we were surprised because it did not feel the heat on the back surface when watching video. Inquired had inquired, was successfully localized in the heat of an ideally not be touched by the user.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the perfect example of a product that is more attractive when used immediately rather than when reading about the specs and capabilities. For those who have never tried the feature S Note and S Pen, we recommend to try it first. This is the feature that separates Galaxy Note 10.1 of the general Android tablet on the market. Coupled with the features that will be greatly appreciated Multiscreen some users as well as other interesting features such as Popup Play, Galaxy Note 10.1 successfully emerged as a unique Android tablet – in a positive sense, of course. Samsung Tablet is also functional, with phone capabilities and the availability of support microSD slot to expand capacity.
samsung galaxy note 10.1 cool design
Of course, the Galaxy Note 10.1 lack a resolution on par, although the quality of the screen is still good. The price is also quite high for an Android tablet, although it is more expensive than Apple’s New iPad intermediate models. At launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 showcased role in a variety of professions such as designers, teachers, and artists. With features and capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is suitable for this age. But of course for those who want more free pouring creativity or need an Android tablet with unique features and performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is qualified to be an option.

+ Fast performance
+ S Pen is very good and useful
+ Multiscreen unique function and not in the other Android tablets
+ There is a microSD slot
Design + High quality
+ Galaxy Note set of typical applications of high quality

– Price premium
– The screen resolution are standard for the size of the current tablet

Review Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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