Review LG 3D Monitor D2342P

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Review LG 3D Monitor D2342P

3D technology which usually can only be enjoyed on the cinema screen is starting to invade the house. This is certainly due to the number of 3D TVs sold various vendors today. Almost every manufacturer has a product 3DTV, LG is no exception that now also begun to bring 3D technology to the monitor to the PC users. Review LG 3D Monitor D2342P
Review LG 3D Monitor D2342P
Concept and Design
LG 3D Monitor D2342P present in our editorial office comes with IPS panels in sizes 23-inches and has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. This monitor comes in packaging design on one leg like a LCD monitor monitors are generally made of plastic. To adjust your viewing angle, this monitor can be set only angle up and down. You also need to be a bit careful when moving the screen because it feels a bit bouncy and less robust.

Port connectivity is present on the back panel. Connectivity port placement is pretty good and very easy for cabling. Port connectivity provided include a DVI port, D-Sub, HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack and power port. As for the navigation, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the panel settings with the mode selection menu, 3D, Func, auto, input and power button.

Features and Performance
LG D2342P 3D Monitor comes with 3D technology brings flicker Flicker Free or free. This means you can enjoy 3D content with glasses that had longer because it does not make the eyes tired. To enjoy 3D content on this monitor can be done in 2 ways. First with Direct 3D format movie play or if you do not have a 3D format movies can also take advantage of 2D to 3D conversion feature has.

Excess 2D to 3D conversion feature is very beneficial because you can enjoy the entire contents of the film or play games directly on the 3D format quickly and easily. This feature also comes with various options such as setting the option to set the depth of 3D effects, color effects, picture modes, and super + Resolution to sharpen the visual image and eco mode. Review LG 3D Monitor D2342P

To test our first play files Full HD Avatar in 3D format. By directly play movie files 3D format, this monitor can present 3D images quite well and can be enjoyed from any angle. The resulting 3D image is quite sharp with the color and contrast are quite accurate, however to get a more accurate color levels, we recommend that you choose a preset color settings Movie mode. Testing was continued to enable the feature + super resolution to medium and high fashion. Unfortunately, we do not see any significant improvement to enable this feature super + resolution.

The second movie we’re watching is a film that has not Hugo Full HD 3D format. For that 2D to 3D conversion mode is enabled. To get the 3D effect over the maximum, we set the option to set the maximum depth 3D and 3D viewpoint at position 0. With this conversion feature, the 3D effect is produced is quite noticeably, but unfortunately you have to sit in the right position so watchable picture is not shaded. Then we tried to activate super mode + resolution to a high position. Improved image sharpness is quite visible but also causes a slight ghosting effect is quite disturbing. This problem does not only arise when watching alone, but also in game play.

The use of IPS panel that offers better color contrast and viewing angle from any position and flicker-free 3D feature diusungnya are hallmarks of this monitor. Besides the presence of features direct conversion from 2D to 3D mode is also very easy to enjoy 3D content without the need to have a 3D format film. With the high price tag of the current 3DTV, 3D monitor has a screen can be an alternative choice. You can take it home just to spend USD 3.325 million. If the 23-inch size was not big enough, LG also provides a larger size is 27-inches with a price tag of Rp 4,200,000.

+ Viewing angle IPS panel (2D) good
+ Passive 3D with 3D glasses
+ Prices are relatively affordable
+ All 2D content to 3D with a 2D to 3D conversion feature
+ Very good color accuracy

– Less Sturdy
– 2D to 3D conversion feature must be viewed from the right angle to avoid the effects of a shaded image
– Features Super + resolution less than the maximum

Glance LG 3D Monitor D2342P specifications:
– Size: 23-inch IPS panel
– Resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixels
– Response time: 5ms
– Features: Convert 2D to 3D, Super + resolution, dual play
– Connectivity: HDMI, DVI, D-Sub, Audio Jack

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