Review Canon Powershot G1X

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Review Canon Powershot G1X

As if to break the tradition, Canon released the latest generation G-series prosumer camera with a series Powershot G1X. The naming is somewhat unique given the previous G-Series camera is a G12 (which ultimately passed by the G15). What are the sophistication G1X? Consider the following comment. Review Canon Powershot G1X
Review Canon Powershot G1X
Concept and Design
Forget berbodi slim camera in beautiful packaging. Canon Powershot G1X is packaged in a fairly large body size and look stiff. For the lens, use the wide-angle lens 28mm G1X enabled 4x optical zoom complete with IS technology to reduce vibration.

Forms a large impact on the rather heavy weight. But with a large hand grip size fit perfectly in the hand and a textured rubber coating material, is a very solid camera in hand. You will feel like using an SLR camera but in a more petite body package.

In the display sector, Canon still maintains 3-inch swivel screen, the same as the previous Canon Powershot G12. The difference, G1X screen resolutions and now comes with a higher pixel density level is 921 thousand points. As for the navigation and settings, the Canon Powershot G1X comes with the size of the buttons are quite large and very comfortable to press the button placement similar to Canon compact cameras in general.

One of the highlights of the Canon Powershot G1X is the presence of 2 pieces of the play button on the top. The first rotary knob to select a shooting mode, and the second to adjust the exposure. Separation of the exposure dial that do not fit into the menu is very effective. Because the exposure compensation settings can be done more quickly and easily without having to again go into the settings menu.

For those who are used to shooting with the peek viewfinder, you also need not worry. Canon G1X has been equipped with a viewfinder. But to do the setup, you still have to take your eyes from the viewfinder and see the screen. In addition, there is also a flash hotshoe for adding an external flash and USB and HDMI ports to help connect to other devices.

Features and performance

Canon Powershot G1X has a number of features similar to the Canon compact cameras in general. In addition to offering image capture mode P / S / A / M like a DSLR camera, you can also record video in Full HD 1080p resolution. In addition, to create Canon also complete with a variety of filters such as toy camera photo effects or fish eye effect. Scene mode options are also here to help you take photos, Canon has also built complete with ND Filters are very useful to reduce the camera’s shutter speed to get the better pictures in low light conditions were sweltering.

In terms of the performance of Canon offer something new to the Canon G1X. In sector bring Canon sensor resolution 14.1 megapixel CMOS sensor with sensor size is larger than a pocket camera sensor and camera Micro Four Thirds (MFT) is currently in the amount of 1.5 inches. Its performance is also supported by the use of Canon’s flagship processor, the Canon DIGIC 5. With the larger sensor size on paper does offer a level of sharpness and detail better images could even say the equivalent of DSLR cameras in general. To prove it you can see some photos below were all taken in Auto mode. Review Canon Powershot G1X


Test Low Light


Without the need to do a lot of performance settings this camera is not be underestimated. Although the image processing is rather slow compared to other prosumer cameras in its class, but it is quite comparable to the picture is very sharp. Color and contrast levels also do not need to worry because it is very accurate. Disturbing noise at high ISO can be terminimalisir very well despite the lack of lighting conditions such as night. For those who love shooting macro, the camera is also very reliable. You just need to set the macro mode and autofocus macro photos can be generated with ease.


Are you ready to switch to a DSLR or CSC? If not, this one liriklah camera. With a selling price that is quite a premium of Rp 6.225 million this camera gives photography enthusiasts present an alternative option for those who want to produce quality equivalent DSLR but do not want to switch to a DSLR or CSC. Even managed to amaze us with the picture is very sharp and low noise at high ISO, does not mean the camera is without drawbacks such as image processing rather slow, its weight is quite heavy and the peephole that it seems less useful.

+ Photo quality is very good, on par with a DSLR
+ Noise is minimal at low-light conditions
+ Feature is ideal for professional camera users
+ The ergonomic design and comfortable

– Image processing rather slow
– Prices are pretty premium
– The size of a large and rather heavy body
– Viewfinder less useful

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