RESETTER EPSON T11, T10, T20, S20 Manual

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RESETTER EPSON T11, T10, T20, S20 ManualRESETTER EPSON T11, T10, T20, S20 Manual

Resetter Epson Stylus T11 is now a lot of looking. Epson T11 Printer This printer is quite new so the resetter program has not been found on the internet (not that there is a sharing / upload). Since there is no program then we have a little trouble to reset printer epson T11 is. Previously, frankly I have never done manually reset epson T11, because it had never come across a blink epson T11. RESETTER EPSON T11, T10, T20, S20 Manual

How To Reset Epson T11 Manual:

1. Epson T11 printer unloading

2. Take the Epson printers T11 board

3. Take the eeprom IC (IC Memory): 9356 number by using solder, but be careful not to overheat the IC and do not let a broken leg.

4. Eeprom IC had moved to another printer Epson C90 or C79 or C67 (first released the original eeprom IC)

5. After the eeprom IC mounted on the board Epson T11 Epson printer C90, C90 Epson his raft again.

6. Then reset C90 eeprom already replaced it with Resetter Epson C90 printer.
7. After the last reset Epson C90, Epson retake the eeprom IC T11 was mounted on the Epson C90.

8. Then reinstall it in the eeprom IC Epson T11, the raft back and ready to try.

"Note: tested for Epson T20 and S20"

Good luck. RESETTER EPSON T11, T10, T20, S20 Manual

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