RESET EPSON C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300

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RESET EPSON C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300RESET EPSON C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300RESET EPSON C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300

Printers are an important tool for computer users. Result of typing or editing an image often results we then print (print) to see the results. Some kind of printer with money saving reasons modification eventually. RESET EPSON C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300

Several kinds of modifications to the tools so readily available in the market, even the printer distributor seems to have little understanding of this phenomenon, that they seemed to leave and even some stores "also suggests" a potential buyer to modify the printer to sell wares. The strategy proved accurate enough to attract buyers.

For example, the tools have been modified for the Epson printer is equipped with a chip resetter to users no longer need to use a special resetter for original cartrige was immediately replaced with an auto cartrige modifications are reset. Here seems to matter is complete, but wait a few weeks or several months, the printer will experience a "blinking" (the indicator light continues to blink). Do not worry, blinking was due to "waste ink counter" or "Protection Counter" on the printer has reached the maximum number.

This indicates that the ink tank disposal at the bottom of the printer is full and needs to be cleaned. This is to ensure that waste ink overflow is not regarding the printer mainboard then feared could result in fatal damage to the printer, to the printing process is stopped by the system automatically. That's because the printer head cleaning periodically so that the pores of the printer head is maintained from the possibility of clogged or blocked by deposits of ink.

Therefore, for those of you who need special Resetter to resolve the issue. Before you install it, it is advisable to clean the tank once the ink removal and drying the foam in it to absorb ink subsequent disposal. If you do not want to bother, just pull out the discharge hose and the perspective of collecting printer ink is wasted with an empty bottle attached to the body of the printer so as not to spill.

How to reset Epson R230 printer (can be used for Epson C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300, etc):

1. The first step must have already installed the printer driver. To Download click download driver epson.

2. Download the software resetter first. Software named sscserve and you can download here
After you download then you install. Turn on the printer before. After the install window will appear.

- In the Installed Printers: select according to your printer.
- In the Printer Model: select according to your printer.
- Then close the window by clicking the cross in the corner.

(Image shown below): click images to enlarge.

2. Then in the bottom right icon sscserve you right click, it will show sscserve menu (as below):

After the display appears, then select Protection Counter and Reset Protection Counter you click. Then turn the printer off and on again.

Then the problem would be lost and the printer returns to normal. And you can smile. Do not have to far to the store where purchased printer. Because only a few minutes and the problem can be resolved without having to shell out reset fee.

RESET EPSON C43, C58, C67, C87, R210, R230, R300

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