PWRglass, Additional Batteries For Google Glass


PWRglass, Additional Batteries For Google Glass - Has not been formally presented globally, innovative device has been the arrival of Google Glass supporting accessories. The accessories such as extra batteries named PWRglass.

To supply additional power to the Google Glass, PWRglass equipped with Lithium-ION battery capacity of 1400 mAh. PWRglass also very neatly designed. Unlike POWERBANK that rely on USB cable that is sometimes troublesome, PWRglass fitted with a flexible cable that will be installed neatly behind your head without leaving a string of disturbing cables.

PWRglass, Additional Batteries For Google Glass

This device is claimed to increase the duration of the Google Glass in video mode which was only about 51 minutes to be up to approximately 2 hours 21 minutes currently used for video recording. And to recharge his energy back, relying PWRglass mini USB connection.

Until now, PWRglass still in the prototype stage and there is no information when it will be released to the market. To follow the development of this product, you can see it on the page

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