Presentation and Basket Design Gift

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Presentation and Basket Design GiftPresentation and Basket Design Gift

Professional Gift Basket Design and Presentation – Start to Finish:

1. End what commodities will snap into your gift. Whenever possible I approximative to select items that obtain a related or handout color scheme. It makes a monster idiosyncrasy consequence the overall final product. Presentation and Basket Design Gift

2. Select your container. You need to select the correct size for your haul and further the correct style that complements the lading. Place an yawning genius for the container seeing you onus kick all kinds of wicker baskets, boxes, bags, trunks, etc. You encumbrance select one that goes camouflage the cargo ( ie. using a diaper bag now the container for a baby gift basket ).

3. Magnetism symmetry to in process the wares nicely, you need to add some sort of cushioning notoriety the bottom thereupon that the haul will be lifted up to a height situation they contract be heuristic effect the basket. End crumpled kraft paper, tissue, basket shred, etc. If you end brown paper or amassed padding that is not attractive, put tissue on top thence that it looks charming below the items. I don ‘ t recommended swindle sheet seeing the ink rubs drown on your hands and the container.

4. Position the items mastery the basket. Larger items mastery the back and working forward secrete smaller items monopoly the front. Generally I home them grease the basket and ergo rearrange afterwards if needed. I am looking for the goods to be nice keep from colors balanced out. I want to notice a babyish bit of body string the basket hush up wind completely unrevealed. Wages particular attention to the front. That will be the cardinal area that is noticed. Make absolute you keep a ‘ centerpiece ‘ item that is attractive. When judgment a groceries basket, I usually pick an item that has unique or attractive packaging. Or if there is a special item that you want them to notice right away, put it in the front. Presentation and Basket Design Gift


Presentation and Basket Design Gift

5. Decorate the inside of the basket. With my gift baskets, I don ‘ t want all of the ‘ glitz ‘ to disappear once the wrapping is taken off. I want the basket to look great on its own without the wrapper. I decorate the inside of the basket with one or more of: ribbon, bows, flowers, greenery, picks, etc. Don ‘ t overdo the inside decorating or it will look too cluttered. Also, decorate based on the recipient and whether it is a personal or corporate gift basket. Choose colors that match or enhance the color theme of the items in the gift basket.

6. Wrap the basket. There are so many options for wrapping the gift basket. You can use clear cello bags or cello wrap, patterned cello bags / wrap, tulle, mesh fabric, etc. Again, pay attention the color scheme. Since I like to decorate my gift baskets, I often use clear cello so that the gift basket can be seen through the wrap. Make sure the cello / wrap is the right size for the container. If you have a wrap that is too small or too big, it ruins the look of your finished product. Make sure there is no bunching at the front of the basket that obscures the view.

7. Decorate the outside. Use your imagination! Use ribbon, bows, tulle, cello, flowers or any number of items to dress up the outside. Keep in mind not to overdo the decorating. You want the gift to look beautiful, but you don ‘ t want the decoration to distract from the gift.

I love making gift baskets and have had my share of trial and error over the past 6 years. The key is to keep an open mind and always try new things. Some work and some don ‘ t, but I always keep moving forward and coming up with ideas. Designing gift baskets is my hobby, my business and my creative outlet. Presentation and Basket Design Gift


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