Preparing lectures to the America

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Preparing lectures to the AmericaPreparing lectures to the America

Tips To Study Abroad

Knowing information about the university
To study abroad, especially America, needs the information very efficiently.
A quick way to find out information about the American university is to decide the terms of the most low about yourself, then collect the basic information on these terms. First, try to find two or three universities that you want. Preparing lectures to the America

After some searching, if you already understand how the difference between one university to another? Then, about each university you can view the site of the university or request counseling to our institute.

Choosing a University
What do you want to learn, self-checking capabilities, the existing budget and others. To select the university there are many important factors, such things should be considered if the Indonesian people will learn in the USA:

Choosing a private university or state university?
In the U.S., studying at university is expensive will definitely get a quality science, and the university’s quality is the most private universities. It is already familiar to people there. Therefore, studying in private universities require a very high cost, but education is didpatkan highly qualified and provide excellent service for students.

As with the state university, tuition fees are very cheap but not as good service to their students, private universities, can not provide support to individuals because most university students state of large-scale and prioritizes students from the state (rather than foreign students or students who come from outside the country baigian).

Although small-scale private universities, most of them were given the title of Liberal Arts College because it has a small number of students, where the university can provide guidance that is very polite and excellent care are very suitable for foreign students.

Scale University
In America, there are a number of small-scale university students are not up to 1,000 people, there is also a large-scale university student numbers more than 30,000 people. In America, to travel the usual S1 College (university) small scale, and to take university courses S2 upwards usually large-scale highly recommended.

Only, for those who want to take the majors such as sports, may be better to choose a large-scale university equipment and facilities are complete. But large-scale universities are usually more focused penilitiannya than education, and college tutors are usually TA (Teaching Assistant, Assistant Lecturer) instead of their own teachers. Preparing lectures to the America


Preparing lectures to the America

Usually universities in America east or northeast part of high-quality education, especially to universities in areas of New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut) a lot of well-known quality of education quality. If there is no university to go to, it’s good to see the information the university in the New England region.

While to the west or south, many new universities state-owned (or Communication College) which is being developed. A lot of minority people (other than white), especially those of Hispanic and Asian immigrants who reside in the surrounding area.

Level University Entrance Exam
Level of university entrance exams in America can you know with the way below.

The average value * SAT entrance exam (ACT).
Assessment of the entrance exam Barron’s or Peterson’s (*).
The average value (report, GPA) students who will enter.
TOEFL ® test scores are required.
Graduation percentage.

However, the values ​​above is limited to the default value, and with only the values ​​above you can not measure your potential graduation. University entrance exam in America is not only determined by one factor alone, but several factors. Particularly for private universities, you can mengapilkan (recommend) yourself by writing an essay (essay), or non-academic achievements (eg having achievements in the field of sports or arts), and others where the conditions are not necessarily in the value because private universities in America to receive a wide range of students. Do not give up if you want the university level are very difficult to approve. Try to consult with us.
Budget cost of tuition
To be able to study in America, will cost about $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 annually. Tuition for private university about $ 15,000 to $ 32,000, and for the university states it takes about $ 10,000 to $ 26,000. For the cost of meals and dormitory will cost approximately $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. Also needed is also the cost of buying textbooks, the cost of telephone and others about $ 10,000 annually. Surely you think that the costs required to pursue education in America is very expensive, and you certainly want to save. But it is dangerous if you chose the university because only by cheapening the cost of a university college that’s all. Just because the cost of tuition with cheap, you can not receive quality education and quality, and many universities like this that does not provide dormitories for their students, instead would entail more expensive than you imagine because you have to live in an apartment and had to spend costs for transportation. So from us, it is best if you search for universities that have a good environment and match the one you want. Preparing lectures to the America


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