Pinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and Information

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Pinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and InformationPinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and Information

Share a photo or link on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus you’ve probably tried. For those of you who like to experiment with new social networks, it is time to try the site “online pinboard” Pinterest. Pinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and Information

Social network users have recently made such a collection of website links, which can be organized in categories based dikreasikan own images / photos.

Pinterest is a social network that carries the concept of sharing a virtual pin board that allows users to collect whatever he liked from any website, to share with others.

Collection of drawings, photographs, or link a website called “pin” will go into a “board” with categories that have been made previously. Each “pin” will be represented by the image that the user chose.

Ease Pinterest providing bookmarking system equipped with the social integration of media, is the appeal of this service. Pinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and Information

Pinterest a digital start-up company that earned a Best New Startup of 2011 and TechCrunch. On December 2011, already noted Pinterest 7 million unique visitors a month. According to comScore, an independent site Pinterest is experiencing the fastest growth since recorded 10 million unique visitors in the U.S. every month.

Why Pinterest so popular? based search, social networking has combined the convenience offered by other social networks, namely:

  1.     Social network systems using the “follow” and “unfollow” like Twitter.
  2.     Bookmark this link (or so-called pin) using concepts like the “+” as used Google Plus.
  3.     Links are already in-pin will automatically be entered into the “board” users (like Facebook profile pages or Timeline).
  4.     In each post, there will be the “Comment” and “Like” like Facebook, has a button for “Repin” (similar in function “Retweet” on Twitter).
  5.     Every time there is to do “Repin”, “Comment”, or “Like” in your post, will have notification that goes to the registered email address. So you can keep abreast of Pinterest without having to log into the website if it is busy.
  6.     Login is very simple, can use Twitter or Facebook account, or it could also create a new account Pinterest.
  7.     Pinterest useful for bloggers to promote the writing, as well as for small and medium entrepreneurs to promote their products.
  8.     Searches performed by users Pinterest already fragmented by category, so for the businessman, it is advantageous because it is more customer focused


Pinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and Information

Curious to try? Begin by going to the home page then click the “Request an Invite”. Enter your email address, then click again on the “Request invitation”. The system will send an invitation to the email address you registered. Open the email and click the link that was sent to the email. Follow the instructions from that link.

If it does not want to linger awaiting an invitation from Pinterest, you can ask for in-invite by colleagues who already have an account Pinterest before.

If you already have an account register or Pinterest, which first needs to do is move (drag) the words “Pin It” to the bookmark button at the top right of your browser. This handy easy to make “Pin” from the website you want to keep or share. Pinterest, New Ways to Share Photos and Information

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