Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review

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Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review

Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review – Specifications smartphones and tablet PCs are increasingly sophisticated today impact on wasteful batteries. Therefore, the users of the gadget buying a spare battery or have a portable charger to recharge the battery while on the go. As one of the vendors of today’s popular electronics, Panasonic has a portable charger products are attractive enough that Panasonic QE-PL101. Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review

Concept and Design

Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review

In the purchase package, this device is equipped with microUSB input adapter, USB to microUSB cable output and manual. Considering the product is still very new and we include the first media lent, the manuals are in Japanese. But do not worry, because the user manual on the product released to the market would have been in the Indonesian language. In terms of size, Panasonic QE-PL101 comes in a convenient mini size stored in a pants pocket. Looking at the specifications listed in the box, Panasonic QE-PL101 features a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2700mAh which should be enough for a smartphone or tablet PC when traveling.

For connectivity is only available output port and a USB to microUSB microUSB input. The interface is also quite simple. This device is only equipped with a button and indicator light that will change color indicating remaining battery capacity.

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To try it the first time is quite puzzling given the lack of information we get from the manuals that Japan language. But you need not worry because I use is quite simple.


You only need to look at the indicator light is yellow when fully charged, orange in a state of half-full and red if it will start to run out. One of the interesting things from the Panasonic QE-PL101 is its ability to stop the intake of electrical charge when the battery is full. Of course this is very advantageous because it can prevent the leaking battery and you can also recharge energy while sleeping. Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review

Besides being able to recharge your favorite gadgets via microUSB connection, Panasonic QE-PL101 also offers other ways, namely via wireless. But to do that, we have to buy additional accessories wireless charge pad again. Since the unit we received did not come with wireless charge pad so we can not try it now.

For testing I did a rechargeable battery Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone sizable capacity is 2500mAh, while the remaining energy is only about 1%. Once plugged in, I still turn on the Samsung Galaxy Note while using it for browsing and chat via Whatsapp constantly.

As a result, Panasonic QE-PL101 can provide backup power intake as much as 50% on the Samsung Galaxy Note in a relatively short time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes before being drained away.

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The form is relatively small and easy dikantungi make Panasonic QE-PL101 enough to compete with the many similar locally made portable charger or China. Besides being able to charge the battery pretty fast, feature rechargeable batteries that can be very effective automatically stop once to extend the power to the battery and is quite helpful for some people who love gadgets recharge the battery during sleep. With a relatively affordable price of about Rp. 250 thousand or USD $25, Panasonic QE-PL101 deserve to be as right partner for your gadgets while mobile.

+ Prices are relatively affordable
+ Easy to use
+ The battery can automatically stop when full

– Can only be used by a gadget that uses a microUSB port

Panasonic QE-PL101 Power Pack Review



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