Overcome the pain without drugs

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Overcome the pain without drugsOvercome the pain without drugs

Often experience pain in the body is not wearing. The pain is a symptom that is often experienced by anyone. Overcome the pain without drugs

No need to panic by directly taking analgesics. Simply do the following, which was launched by Prevention, Friday (9/3).


According to Dr. Teltelbaum, muscle pain is the pain most often occurs. If you feel stiffness and pain in the muscles, try to hit the muscle and do the massage on the sore for 45 seconds.

“Hold up your fingers appear in white color and hold it up to 45 seconds. Initially, it felt sore, but this can increase the flow of energy to create a more relaxed muscles and reduce pain,” said dr. Teitelbaum. Overcome the pain without drugs


If the pain appears in areas of the body that are difficult to reach, such as back, shoulder, or neck, try using a tennis ball. Lie on the floor, place the ball in the center of pain and movement of your body, feel the pressure of the ball on your back. Do it for about one to five minutes.

Listen to Music

According to the findings of French scientists, listening to music it also can help reduce pain in patients with chronic back pain. Another study found that nearly half of cancer patients who listened to music for 30 minutes, can reduce pain by up to 50 minutes.

“Listen to soothing music with rhythm and do not feel the pain. This method helps you do not really feel it,” added Dr. Teitelbaum.

Oil or Gel

Applying a gel, ointment or oil heat in the painful area can also help improve blood flow in the body that feels pain. The content of menthol and camphor sensor to help prevent pain, thus helping reduce the pain. Overcome the pain without drugs

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