Overclocking on the human brain

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Overclocking on the human brain

Rockville – GoFlow Startup plans to develop and commercialize the do-it-yourself (DIY) Transcranial Direct Stimulation (TDS) kit. This device allows to overclock the human brain that can be used easily at home. Overclocking on the human brain

Overclock is a term commonly associated with electronic equipment and computer hardware, namely the challenge and improve the performance of its performance. Scientists believe that overclocking-can be applied to the human brain through the TDS kits.

How does this Overclocking on the human braindevice work? This technique relies on the provision of direct current into the human brain, such as how the computer’s CPU is able to ‘run faster’ to give more power to electronic devices.

TDS kit includes several electrodes that can be embedded in any area of the brain that wants to be improved. Explained that, in constant use, it can drain electrode through the neurons (nerve cells), making connections to reinforce each other, is called the ‘synapses’. As reported by Softpedia, Friday (03/09/2012).


However, at that point, the approach of this technique also gives effect, such as psychological disorders, including a sense of anxiety and depression. In fact, some doctors are employed to cope with motor disorders that develop in patients with stroke (brain attack).

Many of Bioethics experts currently debating whether TDS should be used. Some parents actually attracted to the TDS kit is to promote learning and memory formation of their children’s ultimate goal is to improve their academic value.

Meanwhile, this technique also raises the question of whether fair to certain classes of children, especially those with lower-middle economy, considering the TDS kit is more accessible to the rich. Reportedly, GoFlow TDS kit is priced starting from the cheapest price, ie USD99, or approximately 900 thousand.

One of the advantages TDS kit with this brain stimulation techniques, namely the device acts directly on neurons, without chemicals. Most likely, within a few years, scientists will continue to develop the TDS kit for the use of wider application. Overclocking on the human brain


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