Oracle offers System Security Analytics

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Oracle offers System Security AnalyticsOracle offers System Security AnalyticsOracle offers System Security Analytics

Oracle introduced the Analytic Identity security system, which is claimed to recognize the habits of the use of a range of services through various devices. Oracle offers System Security Analytics

“The system can recognize the pattern of use of existing services,” said Siva Belasamy, Regional Sales Director Oracle Enterprise Security for Southeast Asia, in Jakarta, Friday, March 30, 2012.

Siva explained the security system called Oracle Identity Analytic can recognize every user activity. For example, if the system was implemented corporate mobile operator, it will show whatever the customer via their mobile device.

For example, when a certain mobile operator customers to access a particular site, enter the password, perform financial transactions, and record their every move. “What are the activities carried out will be recorded,” he said.

Generally, a security platform will be audited on a regular basis, there is every three months, six months, even two years.


With the analysis of each user’s personal activities online gadgets, the company’s mobile operators are able to find out what customers habits and can detect if there is not reasonable. Oracle offers System Security Analytics

To be even safer, Siva introduced the system of “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD. This security system can detect from what device you usually access a service.

For example, if you are used to perform banking transactions via mobile phones, so if one time you access the same banking transactions, but through devices other than mobile phones, such as a PC or a tablet, then the system will ask if you are the authorized person ordering the transaction.

“There will be security questions to confirm whether you are eligible to use this service,” said Siva.

Besides being able to recognize the device in common use, BYOD can also block access to the system when using a network or the Internet Protocol that is not commonly used. Oracle offers System Security Analytics


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