Old School or Outdated? A Look at Prize Wheels

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 - Business Gallery

Old School or Outdated? A Look at Prize Wheels – It’s often been said by trade show experts that you want to create a Casino-like atmosphere at your trade event booth. Why? Because you wish to stand out from the competition and also to attract potential customers…and keep them there long enough to create a sale or stoke further interest. One of the better ways to generate excitement is to use a game just like the good old-fashioned prize wheel-long a favorite tool in nearly all smart trade shower’s toolboxes. Still, with so much new technology available, you could well ask is the old reliable prize wheel a lttle bit out of step with today’s modern world?


Why a Prize Wheel?

Nothing says “Casino Experience” like a game of chance. Experts tell us individuals are attracted to noise and bright lights, so optimally you should make your attractions more interactive and hands-on. That’s how you get the “see it, feel it, hear it” trifecta working for you, and that’s the method that you engage potential customers. You want to have the clients personally-engaged clients, not only a passive audience for a sales pitch or product demonstration. Prize wheels are super easy to use (for you and the customer) and allow the individual or potential client to win great prizes quickly. Instant gratification for the customer is a worthy goal in almost any marketing campaign, and hard to achieve. The prize wheel gets booth visitors excited and engaged with your product and it doesn’t get far better than that at a trade show.


There’s An App For That

Naturally somebody needed to come out with an app for prize wheels. No…they don’t remotely come close to replacing the best old-fashioned prize wheel, though they are here, they are cheap. For one thing, although they are often advertised as “only $5” or some other relatively low figure, there are often hidden costs. You will find “premium” versions in the apps may be needed to be effective, and costs three times the maximum amount of. For optimum use, you will need a minimum of an iPad or laptop to use using the app, as well as connector cables and a projector. That is if you do not expect to generate much excitement at a trade exhibition with a smartphone or an iPad alone.

The reality is, the app is neat and might make an interesting conversation piece or device for training (or backup to your wheel) but nothing beats the excitement of the real prize wheel. It’stactile and interactive, impressive looking, and fun. The casinos still use real roulette blackjack and wheels dealers for any reason. For similar reasons, we’d repeat the prize wheel is also rather future proof. Should you haven’t already and watch the crowds gather at the next show, give one a shot.


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