Nokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting People

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Nokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting PeopleNokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting People

The first time you know Nokia, one of which makes it known through advertising slogan “Connecting People”. When the phone first time to serve the needs of consumers, it feels that the technology Nokia is very helpful. But it now faces motto when so many mobile phone brands that are marketed, while mobile phone penetration has reached up to the villages. Nokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting People

Then, what is the meaning of “Connecting People”? What’s the difference connected with mobile phones from Nokia and other vendors.

Andrea Facchini, Marketing Director of Nokia Indonesia recognizes the challenge. “The meaning has now evolved connecting. Once the connection just through call or SMS text, but now changed,” he said in a Break Free Nokia event held today at Quicksilver Cruise. “Now connecting means connected to the Internet,” he said.

According to him, the Internet connection is what is needed now even more, making people able to build a network of social media and doing activities such as chatting on a cell phone without any restrictions. Therefore, it is revealed that Nokia is trying to emphasize the slogan “connecting people” in its new meaning.

Nokia’s commitment to bring the best service and attractive, readily available and relevant to consumers. He said the evidence of these efforts was the launch of the Nokia Break Free today, one of the services the focus is connecting customers via chat applications.

“Break Free will break the wall, break from the conventional and break the limitation,” he said.


Nokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting People

One focus of the Nokia Break Free is a lot of chat application options on Ovi Store. For example Whatsapp Messenger, smartphone messaging applications using 3G or WiFi connection that can send messages, pictures, audio and video messages as easily as air-sms. Whatsapp Messenger application can be downloaded for free from Ovi Store or via sms by sending a request to 3789. Besides Whatsapp Messenger, there are other chat applications on Ovi Store such as Nimbuzz, eBuddy Mobile Messenger and Smartchat.

Section Break Free Another program is a paid premium content service Ovi Store in cooperation with the operator, currently with Telkomsel. Through such cooperation, Ovi Store premium content can be enjoyed by utilizing the prepaid credit or postpaid accounts.

There are a variety of premium content at attractive prices. There is a premium theme with a price of Rp 3,000, Angry Birds for Symbian 3, and Angry Birds Season, Farrm Frenzy and Real Football Manager for Rp 5,000 to personal applications like JoikuSpot Premium WiFi.

To support these services, Nokia collaborate with operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, and Tri to offer Internet data packets. Data packets that can be accessed with the code * 303 * 1 # is available in a variety of options, tailored to the needs of consumers.

Nokia Unlimited package for example, can be obtained for service browsing, social media and OVI with prices starting from Rp 39,500 to the operator Tri to $ 100,000 per month for Telkomsel and Indosat. Another package is the Nokia Messaging Unlimited with a range of $ 25 thousand to USD 35 thousand per month.

Facchini said the service Break Free is paying attention to the younger generation. “They were very concerned with how much I pay. Therefore we also understand. All these services are very cheap and affordable,” said Facchini. Nokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting People

The New Nokia Lumia 900

There are also subscription options daily, weekly or monthly. With step Break Free, Nokia hopes to further connect the billions of people in the world. Currently, such applications are still limited Whatsapp smartphone users, but the future will be developed again so they can be used by mobile phone low end. Nokia growing steadily with the slogan Connecting People

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