Nokia Brings Smartphone features to Phone Asha

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Nokia Brings Smartphone features to Phone AshaNokia Brings Smartphone features to Phone Asha

Nokia claims that the feature phone Asha family has pinned some of the features of a smartphone. Specifications and features that previously only existed in the ranks of high-end Nokia phones has now been used in Asha. Nokia Brings Smartphone features to Phone Asha

This was disclosed by Lukman Susetio, Head of Marketing at Nokia Indonesia, after launching Asha 302 in Jakarta, Thursday (03/29/2012). He said, Asha has some smartphone functionality, but sold at a relatively affordable price.


Lukman refers to the criteria mentioned by the research institute GFK that the main criterion is the openness of the platform smartphone. Nokia quote GFK, Nokia Asha quite open when compared to other phone features.

Asha has a family of processors is quite qualified to run the application. Three of the four series phones Asha, namely 300, 302, and 303, equipped with a processor speed of 1GHz computing. Shopping applications for Nokia phones can be done at the Nokia Store online applications store, where there are 7500 applications.

Besides the processor, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia Irwan Hermawan also chimed in, Asha has supported 302 and 303 3.5 G connection and Wi-Fi.

Video Nokia Asha


Asha became Nokia's flagship product in the low-end target segments even though they were stopped by cell phone from a local manufacturer and China. However, Nokia is optimistic they can restore its heyday.

While for high-end segments, Nokia relying on family-based Lumia Windows Phone, which is intended to compete with a smartphone based on Android and iPhone. Nokia Brings Smartphone features to Phone Asha

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