New hypothesis of formation of the Earth

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New hypothesis of formation of the EarthNew hypothesis of formation of the Earth

Ian Campbell and Hugh O’Neill from the Australian National University (ANU) suggests that the Earth was formed from a different mechanism than currently believed. New hypothesis of formation of the Earth

Their results challenge the theory that the Earth formed from material similar to the Sun. Thus, the composition of the Earth have chondrit.

Chondrit is the meteorite that formed in the nebula surrounding the Sun 4.6 billion years ago. Meteorites are valuable because it has a direct relationship with the early Solar System material.

“For decades, it is assumed that the Earth has the same composition as the Sun, during the most volatile elements such as hydrogen are excluded,” said O’Neill.

The theory is based on the view that all objects in the solar system has the same composition. Because the sun set 99 of the Solar System, then the constituent objects in the solar system the Sun is basically the material. New hypothesis of formation of the Earth

According to Campbell and O’Neill, the Earth formed from the collision similar objects larger planet. The celestial body is sufficiently massive and has the outer layer.

This view is supported by the results of Campbell for 20 years of research in the emerging field of hot rocks in the Earth’s layers, called Pluma coat.

Based on her research, Campbell did not find elements such as Uranium and Thorium who allegedly gave instructions that the Earth was created from material chondrit.

“Pluma coat does not release enough heat to support the existence of this reservoir. Consequently, the Earth does not have the same composition with chondrit or the Sun,” said Campbell.

The outer layer of ancient Earth, said Campbell told Universe Today, Friday (03/30/2012), has an element which generates heat that comes from the collision with another planet.

“It generates the Earth that has fewer elements than the meteorite chondrit generates heat, which explains why the Earth did not have the same composition,” said O’Neill.

Campbell and O’Neill study results published in the journal Nature on Thursday (3/29/2012). New hypothesis of formation of the Earth

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