Motorola Smartphone Based Intel

Friday, April 20th, 2012 - Business Gallery

Motorola Smartphone Based IntelMotorola Smartphone Based Intel

Logo “Intel Inside” may already be familiar to computer users, but it looks like smartphone users will also start to get used to seeing the logo. Motorola Smartphone Based Intel

Intel and Motorola Mobility establish a strategic partnership that includes the use of Intel Atom processor and Android platform.

From this collaboration, consumers will be able to enjoy the promised Android-based device with reliable performance, long battery life, and have many innovative features.

“Our long-term partnership with Motorola Mobility will help accelerate the entry of the Intel architecture to a new mobile segment. We expect the combination of the two companies will provide a new experience for users of smartphones and tablets, said Intel President and CEO, Paul Otellini.


“We are very pleased to partner with Intel to bring the smartphone and tablet based on Intel Atom processor. With Android is now a leading smartphone operating system in the world and the advancement of computing technology, we see great opportunities for convergence device market,” added Sanjay Jaha, Chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility. Motorola Smartphone Based Intel

The two companies will collaborate not only in terms of hardware, but also service software that offers a complete solution and a new breakthrough that offers long battery life, better performance, video capabilities and more sophisticated image, and superior wireless connectivity.

Motorola Mobility is expected to start marketing the Intel-based smartphones from mid-2012 or sometime in July. Interested?. Motorola Smartphone Based Intel



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