Mito 720 – Music Go Wireless

Friday, April 27th, 2012 - Business Gallery

Mito 720 - Music Go WirelessMito 720 – Music Go Wireless

Competition gadget world lately more lively. All vendors are competing to make the product as sophisticated as possible for inovatif and improve competitiveness. Innovations that do not merely look, but also expanded the application of embedded systems in the product. Mito 720 – Music Go Wireless

Unfortunately, not all people can reach the price is priced in such sophisticated gadgets. Because, in general, the more sophisticated a product is directly proportional to the premium price.

However, do not worry. Currently the market has seen many innovative and advanced features with affordable price.

One of Mito. Not long ago, a brand that uses the services of Afghan singers as it introduced commercials new champ, Mito 720. Multimedia phones that carry the jargon Music Go Wireless is expected to be excellent for the new lower-middle segment.

“Mito 720 is very special for mobile phones in its class. Especially if not superior features wireless headphones are embedded in this communication tool,” said Supervisor Pasadena Cellular Flag Rangga the Tribune on Thursday (26/4). Mito 720 – Music Go Wireless


Yes. With this feature, users no longer need to bother with cable problems when listening to music or calls via headphones. Enough to activate the bluetooth, listen to favorite music and feels comfortable with the sound quality is quite capable.

Not to mention, continued the man who is usually called Flag, the Mito 720 is supported by a 3.2-inch display with 526 thousand colors. Interestingly, a phone that can be redeemed for Rp 520 thousand already have touch-screen technology. So that the displacement between application very enjoyable.

“From the network, Mito 720 is supported dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) and dual on who can be active simultaneously. Frequency so would greatly assist us in matters of communication, whether it’s using the sim 1 and sim 2, which continued to be active,” he said.

Unfortunately, dual sim card does not have features like Easy Swap leading vendor for mobile phones made it easier for us to replace the cards without having to unplug the battery first.

However, with a relatively affordable price, this phone is worthy of choice. Owned multimedia features worth a try for the hobbyist favorite music or watching movies. Mito 720 – Music Go Wireless



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