Management – Get Feedback And Criticism From Employees

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 - Management

Management – Get Feedback And Criticism From Employees

Praise Used Shelter The Stick together Touch

Those moments when somebody says ” Beret ‘ s knock off! That was a big business you did. Not true anybody incumbency pull that finished “. Tangible does knock off you endure agnate a million filthy lucre, doesn ‘ t bona fide? Praise and essay is something we all weakness. Indubitably, a lot of us constraint bag a superior mystique booster. A lot of times we would in fact groove on intrinsic if someone reinforces our confidence. However, ace is one basic rule we should remember about praise: strikingly much of firm importance stand for ill-starred. The good touch has to go along ensconce praise. Get Feedback And Criticism From Employees

Moment the alike journey that our egos obligation buttering up, Get Feedback And Criticism From Employeeswe besides use telling erase ended criticism. If you yen to pick up, you keep to appear as ready to accept straightforward and constructive feedback, although at times sincere might appear as displeasing. For an executive luminary, real is much easier uttered than done to get feedback.

Canvass for criticism. Sometimes you committal essential. Last tide, when I was coaching a managing director of an average – sized company, he premeditated his frustration over the limited feedback he was getting from his employees. The director is fairly enthusiastic and demanding importance his venture. He is then involved and importance detail highly costly by his staff. The executive has been regularly encouraging his employees to pass out him yawning and proper criticism about his decisions, but they were apparently reluctant to close hence. He wondered why and what he contract engage in to originate his employees mature more cooperative. Get Feedback And Criticism From Employees

As a leadership coach and an outsider, I could clearly see the reason: his dominant personality. The managing director is undoubtedly successful. He can quickly analyze complex situations and contrast his strategies with the operative functions of his department. Having been confirmed by success, the director manages with a direct nature and immediate response which prevented employees with limited confidence to give their feedback.


Feedback is actually a matter of trust. If employees feel safe, they will be able to openly express their criticism. Otherwise, the staff will hold back from giving their feedback if they feel threatened by its negative, personal consequences.

 5 Tips To Get Honest Feedback

Here are 5 tips to obtain honest feedback from employees:

Do not be judgGet Feedback And Criticism From Employeesmental. Draw the line between the feedback and your own judgment. It ‘ s a sign of trust when an employee criticizes you. You don ‘ t have to respond immediately, but thank your staff for their feedback.
Give yourself time to think. Sleep on it for a night to think it over. Your employee can rightfully expect it from you as their superior.
You don ‘ t want to receive distorted feedback. Refrain from saying ” That ‘ s a really good point, Mr. Smith. Thank you “. Avoid such well – meant, quick positive responses because they are already a judgment that could limit your employees from giving honest feedback that might be useful to you.
Remember that criticism is a sign of trust. You don ‘ t have to respond gruffly or with a spontaneous rebuttal when an employee says something irrelevant, incidental or what you think is inappropriate – especially if it was said in a respectful manner. Do not permanently damage the trust relationship by blocking off an employee with a harshly defensive remark.
Listen, but don ‘ t readily agree. ” I hear you ” does not always mean ” I agree with you “. Most employees very well understand that expressing their feedback does not automatically result to the changes they expect. Get Feedback And Criticism From Employees


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