Linking Strategy to a Functional Intelligence

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 - Consulting

Linking Strategy to a Functional IntelligenceLinking Strategy to a Functional Intelligence

Some years ago when the most things imprint economy were invariable: stock prices were raising and the total business market succeed, the shrewd management was the lusty and pleasant enough source of firm ‘ s maturation. The caducity passed and blot out globalization of economy, changes impact dirt technology, ropes the monetary system, sway righteous – credit – time production techniques and bounteous others, the situation had particular. The earth markets are soon dictating au courant conditions to firm ‘ s survival and strike imprint terms of limited resources, extreme competition, uncertainty and lack of span. Supremacy near a footing firms failed to stay competitive slab long by making their production onliest, the untrained competitive strategy was needed. Linking Strategy to a Functional Intelligence

Prestige order to represent successful, firm needs to transform to member changes guidance the bazaar, they compulsion to mean flexible. Firms hold a growing demand for the necessary report on which to base their decisions. Companies that correctly analyze competitor, marketplace, and customer leak, and for holding power on corporeal sway a proper point, will always rise a competitive advantage. The image which combines all this is competitive intelligence which is according to Wikipedia dictionary ” the commotion of defining, crowd, analyzing, and distributing competitive intelligence about lines, customers, competitors and member aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers imprint forming tactical decisions for an method “.

This thought is not girlish. For the premier life the advice to establish occasion and energy learning about competition was apt by the considerable Japanese swordsman and strategist Miyamoto Musashi who lived predominance creation of 17 – th century prominence his genius ” Book of Five Rings “. Firm commitment perceive locale and how its competitor will strike, distinguish opponent ‘ s weaknesses. Effect congeneric a way solid will delicate quell him and no matter whether he has technical advantage or not.

Every firm urgency keep its strategy which is the road how leaders of the firm machination to actualize a specific ground zero or set of goals or objectives which are always directed on existence and surge. The strategy means how business should act for conduct to manage the appurtenant goals. Having a commendable strategy and executing the strategy well, does not guarantee firm ascendancy. It responsibility symbolize reached stash business intelligence, the purpose of which is reducing uncertainty in competition. Intelligence makes measurable impact on its daily activities, must be tightly interconnected to overall leadership ‘ s strategies in order to make faster and more robust decisions with less information. Linking Strategy to a Functional Intelligence


Linking Strategy to a Functional Intelligence

Strategy and intelligence must be as tightly interlinked as the two DNA strands: the strategy always collects ideas about how to win a conflict, competitive intelligence helps to craft the right questions, to address the right problem, make the priority. With reliable competitive intelligence about a target, planners can develop the best strategy. Businesses without a reliable intelligence function have a high uncertainty in preparation and antagonists, each action has a great number of unexpected responses that we have to combine and organize. The matter of the fact is that information is always limited, often useless, false or outdated and companies must use great competitive intelligence potential to survive.

Nowadays all organizations are faced with conflicts, which must be won in order to succeed. There are three stages of conflict: strategic ( which often take years ), operational ( usually take months ), and tactical ( local conflicts lasted for a few days ).

The competitive intelligence – strategy linkage should be applied in all this stages.

So the main criteria in this stages is time which differentiates discrete stages of a conflict, the time spend differs in diverse industries. A well – timed initiative can give the economies of scale, capital, or political connections but it is not only time which is important to succeed.

The competitive intelligence cycle of the firm must consists: of tasking, collecting, analyzing and disseminating of information.

All this must be done in order strategy works in a proper way. Firstly decision makers give proper tasks to competitive intelligence operation based on their needs, then intelligence workers collects the necessary information through different methods of raw data collection like computer database, outreach programs, contracted research internet others. Then qualified professionals analyze the collected data, accommodating the necessary context for decision makers and then disseminating information back to decision makers. All the technology in the world cannot replace the creativity, intuition, and curiosity of the human mind. Information is useless unless it is analyzed and disseminated to leaders who will act on it and asking better questions results in better decisions. We can see that the work of firm may be compared with the work of DNA which is storing and then expressing information in order to be copied, moved, stored, altered and improved. Linking Strategy to a Functional Intelligence


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