Leadership Lessons for You

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 - Productivity

Leadership Lessons for YouLeadership Lessons for You

On a recent holiday I took my successors to a too much adventure playground. Descendants perceive how to bob and go next. I watched the play prejudiced, and whereas I did I realised that the lessons learnt influence a playground further to leadership string quota gadgetry. Leadership Lessons for You

Consequently get down to your local field to play and be trained these seven guide leadership lessons.

1. Stand for unbarred to others. Kids initiate friends soft. They are juice tune to the emotions of others and blind to the differences their politically correct parents classify considering ‘ diversity ‘.

2. Fluidity of teams. Issue arrangement groups or teams to conformed an immediate unemotional ( hospital tiggy is popular ) and ergo disband with ease when the unprepossessed is met. Leadership within the ‘ party ‘ is vigorous based on the needs of the moment – entire training for matrix management. Kids collaborate and so step on.

3. Identify things differently. All the kids were playing within the undisguised framework of the equipment, drop two boys! They were climbing up exterior the equipment and had created a total new amusement whereas they saw things differently.


4. Delight in the simplicity and present in the now. Two little girls sat in a big sand pit, smiling as the sand ran through their fingers. The looks on their faces told me they were entirely present in the moment. They had neither regrets of the past nor fears of the future. They were grounded in now and focused on feeling delight in the simplicity of the sand. Leadership Lessons for You

Leadership Lessons for You

5. Play full on. One group of kids was playing hide and seek. Despite the cool temperature, their faces were glowing red with exertion. All the energy they had was going into that game.

6. See the possibilities. A very young boy was turning a metal steering wheel. For him it was way more than that… He was the driver of a huge train carrying important goods. He could see the possibilities and that gave the game purpose and gravitas.

7. The game ‘ s over when the game ‘ s over. When the game ‘ s over, the kids disband and move onto another project. No hard feelings, no artificial promises about getting together again. The game ‘ s over – no more or no less.

An Adventure Playground makes a great learning space for leaders. Leadership Lessons for You


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