Laptop Screen Dark or Dead

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Laptop Screen Dark or DeadLaptop screen dark or dead

There are many questions, my laptop after the fall really dark, or laptop suddenly dark as death or total. What really happened …? Let’s learn together .. Laptop screen dark or dead

Laptop screen is dark or cause of death:

1. VGA chipset
2. flexible cable
3. Inverter / plyback on television
4. LCD

So if dark or die there are several possibilities, we can keep track of vga first. Its hallmark is trying to connect a vga out with external LCD monitor or the dark when there is a possibility which is damaged vga chipset. Laptop screen dark or dead

Meanwhile, when lit, it is likely lcd, inverter, or a flexible cable. To test must use an identical or the same dikanibalkan typenya. Such as inverter, lcd or flexible.

If we look at a picture like the shadows in the light or LCD, then the chances are defective LCD lamp (CCFL), inverter or flexibelnya.

So dark condition or death is not necessarily have to replace the LCD. This article may be useful and can solve your laptop problems.

Video of service laptop screen

Laptop screen dark or dead

May be useful, thanks.

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