Knowing On Economic Development in Asia

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 Knowing On Economic Development in Asia

Economic Development in Asia shows long impression of economic development of this peculiar continent. Readers and viewers must share note that the economy of Asia is an integral module of the universe ‘ s economy. Knowing On Economic Development in Asia

This continent have adopted one of the following economic systems related in that capitalism, communism, socialism, and facism.

Asia is the largest continent in terms of area and masses. Unfeigned is again the region go underground the highest produce degree.
Knowing On Economic Development in Asia
Here are Asian countries that contributes their economic development to our society.

Of all the Asian Countries, Japan is the peerless Asian country included among the indsutrialized countries.

Taiwan, Hongkong, and Singapore are proclaimed over ” Miniature Japan ” which considered because Newly Industrialized countries.

India thanks to of away contributes business technique outsourcing improvement for the poop technology sector which impression to a grievous results in economic development of South Asia.

Philippines is first off favorable as they contribute foreign donation that they pipe treasure to their like ones which came from Overseas Filipino Unit that improves their nation. Knowing On Economic Development in Asia

In China, history and culture is their secret to progress their economy even if it is ruled and operated by state.

Brunei Darrusalam contributes oil export and that is how they preserved and rich in natural resources for their country.


North Korea shows hammer and sling as a symbol for their communistic views of their economic system in Far East Asia. While South Korea shows modern technology that is influence from Western countries which results an improvement of technology in their designated countries.

Indonesia is the largest population of Muslim nation in the whole Asia which is colonized by Netherlands. It is based on their banking and finance in an Islamic Way of living. This is the same situation in Malaysia which is a British colony.

After showing the information of some Asian Countries, they have also problems that they are facing in economic development for Asian countries in which I discovered and these are the following:

First, they have low standard of living

Second, they have low level of production

Third, there is a rapid population growth

Fourth there is a high rate of unemployment

Fifth, there is over dependence on agricultural production and exportation of raw materials

and sixth which is the last the dependence on international trade.

Asian nations are destined to play a greater role in the world ‘ s economy in the very near future. Knowing On Economic Development in Asia


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