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Know Your Life Insurance

Know Your Life InsuranceKnow Your Life Insurance – Life insurance is a transfer or a transfer of risk (risk shifting) the financial loss (financial loss) by the insured to the insurer. Insured is meant here is the participants and insurance is the insurance underwriter. Delegated to the management of risk is not risk the loss of one’s soul, but the financial losses caused by the loss of one’s soul, or because it reaches old age so it is not productive anymore. Know Your Life Insurance
The article explained that the value of life insurance a person is reflected in the amount of protection, or more precisely the amount of sum insured (sum insured) or UP, UP number is theoretically determined in accordance with the economic value of life, it is intended to prevent UP too large (over insured) or the number of UP is too small (under insured).
In life, we are always confronted with the possibility of events that can lead to loss or reduction in economic value, thus resulting in a loss to themselves, their families or other interested person. Know Your Life Insurance
Events – events that may pose risks, among others:
a) Dead (death) either natural (natural death) or died at a young age that can be caused by illness, accident (accidental death) and others.
b) Defects loss (disability, invalidity, incapacity) due to illness or accident
c) The loss or decline in health status (loss of health)
d) Old age or old age
Life insurance is generally only manage risk in items (a) and item (d), while point (b) and (c) is usually managed by the type of health insurance, but will add life insurance coverage as a rider or additional.


Tips Choosing a Good Insurance Company

about insuranceTips Choosing a Good Insurance Company – Insurance is actually very important for our lives, now because of the importance of insurance, so on this occasion. Providers or so many insurance companies in Indonesia, due to too much, so sometimes it is hard to choose a provider or insurance company which best


The thing to keep in mind that in choosing a private insurance company, then that should be considered in general are three factors: First, the financial strength (security). Second, the service (service). And third, the cost.

In the article there is an explanation that insurance, the financial strength of insurance related to the company’s financial ability to fulfill its promise if the situation requires. It is important to know, because not a few insurance companies are looking at the flashy exterior. For example storey building, vehicle good directors. But when there claims of customers, the company can not afford to pay.

In assessing the financial strength of these there are several benchmarks that need attention.

Assets and liabilities. This can be seen from the consolidated balance sheet is published in the newspaper. See also, whether the investment is planted in the current or longterm. In terms of liability (ability to pay off liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the debts to the reinsurer, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and so forth.

Indicators of net liabilities include equity (own capital) divided by net premiums (net premiums) of at least 50%. Equity divided by gross premium (gross premium) of at least 20%. Limit the level of solvency, as seen from its own capital divided by net premiums of at least 10% and investment funds technical reserves divided by a minimum of 100%.

Underwriting Policy. On the balance sheet and annual report will be seen that the insurance is still a profit, or profit growth. This means underwriting policy was good.

Its underwriters. Insurance has personnel qualified or not. It is known from a company profile that includes the underwriters it.

For that, there are many types of insurance that you can select and consider. Don’t too trusting with seduction and an explanation of the insurance agents, but how can you get advice or guidance on the agent on your insurance.

Know Your Life Insurance


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