Know Various of VGA Cards

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Know Various of VGA Cards

Know Various of VGA CardsVGA stands for Video Graphics Adapter, is an analog computer display standard first marketed by IBM in 1987. Although the VGA standard is no longer used because it has been replaced by a newer standard, VGA is implemented on the Pocket PC. Is the last VGA graphics standard that is followed by the majority of computer graphics card manufacturer. Display Windows still use VGA mode is supported by many manufacturers because of the monitor and graphics card. Know Various of VGA Cards

The term VGA is often used to refer to a resolution of 640 × 480 screen size, no matter what graphics card hardware manufacturer. VGA card is useful to interpret the computer output to the monitor. For the graphic design process, or playing video games, needed a high-powered graphics card. Well-known manufacturer of graphics cards such as ATI and nVidia.

In addition, the VGA can also refer to the 15-pin VGA connector is still used widely to deliver the analog video signal to the monitor. Standard VGA was officially superseded by IBM’s XGA standard, but in fact it was replaced by a Super VGA VGA.

VGA Card function is to convert the digital signal from a computer display graphics on the screen. VGA card (Video Graphics Adapter) allows you to translate the output (output) to a computer monitor. For drawing / graphic design, or to play game.VGA Card is often also called Card display, VGA card or graphics card. Points of attachment of the graphics card called the expansion slot. Chipset / processor on the VGA card, so many kinds, because each plant has a VGA chipset flagship card. There are many chipset manufacturers such as NVidia VGA cards, 3DFX, S3, ATI, Matrox, SiS, Cirrus Logic, Number Nine (# 9), Trident, Tseng, 3D Labs, STB, OTI, and so forth.

VGA card using several kinds of memory such as:

DRAM (Dynamic RAM) speed 80 ns or 70 ns, there is also the MD-RAM (Multiple Dynamic RAM) that uses a layered DRAM. DRAM is used in many graphics cards 8, 16, or 32 bits. The use of DRAM aimed at the entry level computer, which does not require high speed and a lot of color.

EDO RAM speed 60 ns and 35 ns, EDO RAM were encountered in 64 bit graphics card. EDO RAM is generally used to have speed 60 MHz 60/40ns. Examples of VGA cards that use EDO memory is WinFast S280/S600 3D, Diamond Stealth 3D 2000, ATI Mach 64, and so on.

VRAM (Video RAM) 20 or 10 ns speed, VRAM is more expensive than DRAM because VRAM is faster than DRAM. Use of VRAM on VGA card is intended for upper-class computer. Usually mounted on a VGA VRAM is concentrated on graphic design. Examples that use VRAM VGA card is the Diamond Fire GL, Diamond Stealth 3D 3000, Diamond Stealth 64, and so on.

SGRAM (Synchronous Graphic RAM) speed of less than 10 ns, SGRAM VGA card is also based on technology SDRAM main memory on the computer. SGRAM is widely used in high-grade graphics cards that have a 3D accelerator capabilities. Examples of using the VGA card is a Matrox MGA Millennium SGRAM, Matrox Mystique 3D, Diamond Stealth II S220, Diamond Viper, Explorer 3D ASUS, ATI 3D Rage II Pro, etc.. Know Various of VGA Cards


Know Various of VGA Cards

The use of Rambus Rambus VGA card on the computer is still a little (Rambus is a memory that is used in the Nintendo game machines, Sega, so far only the production of graphics card Creative Labs (MA-302, MA-332 Graphics 3D Blaster and Graphics Blaster xXtreme) who use .

Video of the New VGA Card

Graphic Accelerator chipsets are now entering the 3D acceleration capabilities built in to the VGA card. In addition to the VGA card, there is now a computer pheriperal called 3D accelerator support. 3D accelerator function to process / translate the data / 3D images more fully. 3D accelerators whose existence does not require IRQ longer able to perform manipulations of complex 3D graphics. For example in 3D games can be shown that far more realistic imagery. Because many of the 3D graphics processing functions formerly performed by the processor on the motherboard, now done by the 3D graphics processor on the 3D accelerator. With the division of labor is more then the processor can perform other processing work. Additionally the programmer does not need to make 3D graphics functions, because the function is already provided by the 3D accelerator. 3D VGA chipset on the card is not as good when used as a supporting 3D accelerator (3D accelerator installed separately along with VGA card). Even so Chipset 3D VGA cards also support the ‘multiple’ facilities 3D acceleration 3D accelerator. As an important note that, 3D accelerator function is optimal if the software / games that run utilizing the specific functions in the 3D accelerator. Software / games that support these facilities began to grow, which is famous for is support for 3D accelerator with 3D FX chipset Voodoo, Rendition Verite, and Permedia 3D Labs.

PCI VGA PCI VGA, VGA card can be used to install the vga slot, vga this type is rarely used, due to limited features, its features are a part of his slot on the front there is coakan, and his pin-type straight vertically , more details, see the following figure:

VGA AGP Type AGP VGA, vga agp made earlier, because of significant increases to transfer data from memory, cpu to display equipment, so it made to install vga agp slot agp Kenis, vga agp was launched based on the value of voltage is used, that AGP 1x and 2x with voltage 3.3 v, while the 4x and 8x 1.5 volts. The latest agp vga is the kind of pro and pro universal with the ability of 3.3 and 1.5 volts. The characteristics of these vga is a form of a vertical pin it to the shape of a beehive-like formations, here’s a picture vga agp and agp slots it:

VGA PCI Express PCI Express VGA, PCI slot subsequent developments have extraordinary abilities, with the name of the PCI Express, is designed to install cutting-edge equipment, 2 PCI Express version of the famous slot is PCI Express 1 x and 16 x, PCI Express x 16 used specifically for installing vga type of PCI Express and 1x for the purposes of installing additional equipment. Physical characteristics of the type pci express vga is to look at the shape that has a shape opposite of regular PCI. The following is a PCI Express slot and VGA, Know Various of VGA Cards:


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