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Monday, January 20th, 2014 - Small Business

Know about Good Environmental Choice –  Ditch the too many matter by businesses in picking environmentally sound goods that are sustainable and won ‘ t harm the earth, GECA ( Good Environmental Choice Australia ) has developed a certification transaction that allows consumers to eagerly settle which goods are unharmed for the environment.

 What is GECA? ( Good Environmental Choice Australia )

Good Environmental Choice Australia ( GECA ) helps consumers spot which wares are environmentally fitter inasmuch as they onus select sustainable lines which won ‘ t harm the earth.

Know about Good Environmental Choice

They halt that by running an internationally recognised green certification program which assesses how fine businesses, services and produce accommodated GECA standards. GECA developed their standards according to ISO 14024 substance for widespread choicest practice in Type 1 ecolabelling. GECA is the solo Australian rasher of the Pandemic Ecolabelling Network.

 Who is GECA certification suitable for?

GECA certification is urgent for all businesses selling merchandise and services which have the leading environmental impression over their get-up-and-go rotation. De facto applies to commodities identical because personal affliction items, cleaning goods, flooring, furniture and crash pad materials. Lately companies have shifted towards convincing environmentally benevolent paints, coating and ink goods. GECA certification and its standards will distinguish these produce from the rest.


 Why should my company exhibit sympathetic in GECA?

The consumer preference for goods and services which don ‘ t harm the environment is not a trend that will hardihood away. Likewise and farther individuals are becoming aware of the price the earth is noteworthy for our consumer choices. Like now they consciously scrutiny for and reunite produce which show up to equal less harmful to the environment.

When your goods and services accept GECA ‘ s eco classify, actual is proof that they are a preferred choice for the environment.

In addition to sunny proof that your merchandise and services just terrene standards for peerless practice in sustainability and environmental consideration, the benefits are:

Access to Lush Star projects ( an initiative of the Unfledged Condo Council of Australia )
Access to manipulation procurement opportunities
A competitive edge in business.
Fair authority in your industry.
International recognition of your standards.
Recognition by manipulation agencies, NGOs, procurement and condo industry professionals.
A farther cost – efficient business terminated contraction of inundate usage and away.
A competitive edge in business.
The attention of consumers who will make you their first purchase choice.

Position yourself as the eco choice for your industry and the consumers will shop with you.

 How do I become GECA certified?

To meet GECA standards, products and services must demonstrate reduced environmental impacts across aspects their life cycle.

The certification process begins once your company submits an application. Your products and processes are reviewed and assessors will look for reduced environmental impacts across aspects their life cycle.

Once your audit is complete and you have successfully met GECA standards, you will receive your certification.


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