Ipad 3 be Named Ipad HD

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 - Business Gallery

Ipad 3 be Named Ipad HDIpad 3 be Named Ipad HD

Apple is rumored to be called the iPad as a third generation HD (high definition). The term was due to the third generation iPad display will use the technology of high-resolution retinal displays 1,080 pixels. Ipad 3 be Named Ipad HD

So far, Apple has released iPad first generation and second generation, and called the device with the iPad, and iPad 2. If you followed the previous pattern, the third generation iPad should be called iPad 3.

However, based on a list of items made ​​by Griffin and Belkin accessories maker in the United States, the latest iPad casing are named with iPad HD.

In addition, a reader also reported that there is a tool written under the name iPad HD and the occasional “caught” in Google Analytics since April 2011. Such devices can be easily accessed using a browser known as Chrome or Firefox.

From the recorded data, the device was noted to have a resolution of 2048 x 1536, the same as the rumors had been circulating. However, this resolution can also be a resolution of the desktop display monitor.

However, the presence of the new iPad report was not based on Google Analytics, but from an application called TapaTalk, which runs on IOS, Android, and BlackBerry. This data is guaranteed authenticity.

However, this would not mean rumors before Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team will launch this device on March 7. So, wait presence. Ipad 3 be Named Ipad HD

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