Internet via Power Lines DPL (Digital Power Line)

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Internet via Power Lines DPL (Digital Power Line)

Internet via Power Lines DPL – Norweb Communications, a joint venture UK and Canada was the first time explores technology, Digital Power Line (DPL), which enables Internet access through electrical distribution network is installed in the household with the capability of digital data transfer speed of 1 Mbps. Engineering technology used to transmit digital data stream via a low voltage electrical signal that is attached between households with electricity distribution substation to make it as a Local Area Network, which serves as an electrical distribution substation controller data traffic. Substation is then connected to the central transmission network that serves as an Internet switching points consisting of fiber optic circuit that runs the Internet with TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol), which is the standard data transmission between computers connected to the Internet.Untuk can DPL system of Internet users at home need to install a similar device is a modem, which serves as a means of sending and receiving data at the same time also serves as an interface device that will separate the data packets of electric charge. The device incorporated with the electric meter box recorder then stay connected with computers that have been completed using Ethernet. Internet via Power Lines DPL

The idea of transmitting digital data through electricity cables in fact have been raised since 1994 and until now continue to be refined through a series of tests and research, especially in Europe. Since 1997 the FBC technology application testing has been conducted in the UK for 2 years with satisfactory results. Successful trial demonstrated with success to eliminate the weaknesses that had been predicted to exist, namely the emergence of radio frequency interference between data signals and electromagnetic properties of electricity at the time of data transmission and the presence of such interference noise in the electrical distribution network. Internet via Power Lines DPL

The success of this technological breakthrough various European companies were preparing to operate the Internet via the network providers the power cord. An estimated market of 35 million potential customers for Europe and Asia only. Internet via Power Lines DPL

According to the latest info on the state of Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany providing access to the Internet through the electricity network will begin commercial operation in early 2001. Costs 1000 DM installation with data transfer speeds of 1 Mbps or 20 x ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network 64 Kbps generally berspesifikasi speed). Internet via Power Lines DPL

In addition to high speed data transfer and competitive installation costs, other benefits of FBC systems applications, namely: the installation of a relatively simple tool, connected for 24 jamterus basis, and not mememerlukan following telephone lines use pulse. And specific to Indonesia could benefit from the Internet to every corner pemassalan isolated by following the distribution grid that already exist, in addition to diversifying the fields of alternative additional business for PLN as Internet service provider. Internet via Power Lines DPL

But there is still recognized side weakness Digital Power Line application, namely compatibility (compatibility) on the type of transmission system used. The difference is the power transmission system network, which hinder the smooth these technologies in penetrating the American market. In Europe, the local electricity distribution substation is generally distribute electrical power for about 200 housing units. And if the Internet access system with DPL will be applied, then for the system to be economical, there is approximately 5-15% of the entire network must participate in the DPL system. Internet via Power Lines DPL While in the United States electrical distribution to households generally take place by means of transformers which serve about 15 homes. However, these differences almost certainly would not be a big obstacle. HomePlug Powerline Alliance Companies in America are now also developing standardization and research applications in order to launch the final phase of Internet access through an integrated electricity network in the system of education & entertainment household until ready to be marketed later this year as well. This research group includes 13 companies in the U.S. IT giant, among others, Cisco Systems, 3Com, AMD, Compaq Computer, Texas Instruments, Diamond Multimedia, etc. Internet via Power Lines DPL. Internet via Power Lines DPL (Digital Power Line)

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