Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project

Sunday, May 17th, 2020 - Innovation Design

Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project

Executing an innovation strategy embraces a wide area of dormant changes. A Aperture Analysis will posses identified and prioritised copper areas which might receive share or all of: Polished skills reinforcement, learning plans, employee empowerment intrigues, flexible system arrangements, team – working strategies and transparent communication practices. Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project

However, none of these change projects duty be delivered wayfaring – ergo the notability of priorities. Innovation strategies regularly require large-scale and far – drawing near changes to be implemented in the gear. The fundamental organisational philosophy requisite further pennies remarkably at the duplicate second.

Innovation is a long – term project – whilst veritable is delivering collision, the measure will itself be subject to copper as lump of the perception of the learning machinery.

Authentic an innovation strategy

Once the basic decision to transform the channel has been fabricated, an implementation plan will be proverbial. The prioritised changes keep to be mythical carefully, thus as not to adversely contact existing operations.

Opinion in the movement is indispensable. Manifold people are harsh with nickels, and an internal ‘ marketing course ‘ will be required to credit, persuade and erect mindset in the strategy. The message has to come from the top down, and light leadership will be required. Since innovation strategies are long – term projects, hence convincing people of its sense and the gadgetry ‘ s compulsion to pocket money is non – clear. To sustain the essay, qualified right be genuine willingness.


Thanks to the core of the channel will be affected by the changes in the organisation, stakeholders ( including trade unions ) should be involved right from the start of the process.

Innovation strategy involves changes in the workplace at all levels. A good social dialogue, and agreement about strategic direction, is essential. Employees should be given a direct participative role, and consultation. Transparency and complete information, is paramount. This may be difficult for some managers to accept, and is an area in which external consultants could be used.


Open communication is vital – staff members need to be confident about advancing ideas – and that applies at all levels. Remember that employees on production lines can spot innovation opportunities, too.

Whilst the organisational structure evolves to one centrally focused on innovation, difficulties may be expected. Continuous evaluation, intensive training and good preparedness are necessary to maintain motivation and avoid failure. Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project

Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project

Pilot strategy execution

The concept of a pilot implementation – perhaps in a division or a region – can be useful, but this has to be carefully designed as the degree of change required is so profound. A pilot should only be about learning ‘ how to implement best ‘, and not about whether an innovation strategy will work at all. Don ‘ t set out with doubts – it sends the wrong message.

Monitoring and measuring the progress

Implementing an innovation strategy, as with any project, requires monitoring and course corrections. Financial measures generally lag too far to be of direct use, and other measures must be used.

Such measurements might include ‘ hard ‘ statistical indicators such as employee turnover, absenteeism and productivity, and ‘ soft ‘ parameters such as employee satisfaction. A mix of hard and soft is recommended. Other techniques involving business social networking are useful too – both for execution assessment and as part of the innovation model itself.

Feedback and the virtuous circle

Commitment to the strategy must be absolute, and continuous feedback to stakeholders is essential, to demonstrate that the strategy execution is working. This will reinforce belief, and is done using the set of measures that have been established. Online bulletin boards, video updates, forums and social networking are invaluable for communicating progress. Innovation Strategy As a Long Term Project


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