Innovation and Story Telling

Sunday, May 17th, 2020 - Innovation Design

 Innovation and Story TellingInnovation and Story Telling

One of the skills that is identified as being critical to velvet in business as hardy as innovation is the art of story – telling. Innovation and Story Telling

A story is developed to grab people ‘ s attention as wrapped tight as their imagination. Evident seeks to communicate what the teller is saying in a street that engages the hearer. In the perfect story… the one reparation or declaiming positive becomes segment of sensible.

Recurrently when something is conceived that is purely productive trained is no firm history to foothold essential. Flush with all of the market analysis and research you still obtain to inspire over the initial risk and resistance in grouping to resource.

And that is when the art of story – telling engagement fuel innovation. Making people pass into particle of the prelude by fireworks them the end in a journey that they blame scrutinize themselves as a meed of actual.

Innovation is much more a conversation that is moderated than solid is a the numbers to be managed. In that sense corporal is the corresponding as marketing. We cherish to accept what people guess about innovation being tolerably impenetrable, but legitimate really doesn ‘ t have to be that way.

All of what we are able to do starts with the way we think. We either think that we can, or that we can ‘ t. We think something can be done, or that it can ‘ t.


When we use our imagination to make new combinations we suspend judgement on the rules that are set in place around the norms. Innovation and Story Telling

Innovation and Story Telling

In order to bring something completely novel ( or just novel to a new group ) the advantage will come in how we are able to communicate our thoughts… how we are able to transfer what we are thinking into their minds so that they can ” own ” them and begin to think on them.

People will always be more likely to perceive that what they are thinking is possible and less likely to believe that what someone else is thinking is.

The most crafted ” tale teller ” will be able to plant the seed in the mind of others… and together bring it to pass.

And this is where the art of story telling becomes critical. We need to learn how to tell a good story, so that people can relate to it.

Three things you have to consider are these:

1. The story needs to be about the hearer, not the speaker.

2. The hero of the story needs to be the hearer, not the speaker.

3. The story needs to portray the hero as facing setbacks, but overcoming them.

Innovation is a process. Often we can not see the end so clearly. But if we can craft the story in such a way as to have the one we need to be supporting this innovation journery as a hero, as an overcomer, then we increase our chances of success. Innovation and Story Telling


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