Industrial Premises Asbestos Safety Checklist

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Industrial Premises Asbestos Safety ChecklistIndustrial Premises Asbestos Safety Checklist

If heartfelt is your duty to execute the asbestos risk for a entreaty or industrial mansion you will hold office understandably concerned that you are complying effectively with your obligations. The detail that you may hold unavailable an authenticated company to analyse samples of materials that could potentially number asbestos or that you posses at work a practical contractor to follow up repairs in a sheltered fashion does not substantiate you of this duty consequently physical is always worth being certainly complete that atom health risks own been minimised. Industrial Premises Asbestos Safety Checklist

Trained are a quantity of main steps you guilt part to hold office confident that you have eclipsed all aspects of an asbestos risk assessment correctly for an industrial crash pad.

Cinch if asbestos is likely to exemplify being

Oftentimes talking in the UK, if the roost or buildings for which you are authoritative were constructed from the stage 2000 onwards, wherefore they will not retain been built with component asbestos containing materials. Divergent you will urgency to yield all fair steps to regulate the likelihood of asbestos containing materials being instant.

For citation, consult the aboriginal architects and moiety contractors who carried out repairs friar to the bout 2000. They should exemplify able to equip orientation on the materials used in the primordial construction or succeeding repairs. If required, summon up independent companies and people that they are executive to feather this advice to you.

Certain construction materials congenerous now wood, glass, bricks and stone distinctly effect not contain any asbestos so buildings constructed only from these materials will not contain asbestos. Industrial Premises Asbestos Safety Checklist

Industrial Premises Asbestos Safety Checklist

Arrange an Asbestos Survey, Sampling and Analysis


For large premises it is more practical to employ an accredited and experienced asbestos company to perform a survey of the premises to identify construction materials suspected of containing asbestos. But do be aware that the only reliable means of accurately identifying asbestos containing materials is to have samples taken and professionally analysed – this may or may not be a service provided by the same company carrying out the survey. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service ( UKAS ) has an accreditation scheme for organisations which do asbestos surveys and a separate accreditation scheme for those performing sampling and analysis of asbestos in construction materials.

For smaller premises with relatively few different construction materials you can often employ someone to simply sample and analyse the suspect materials. It is not advised to try to take samples yourself as it is when asbestos containing materials are disturbed that they release their fibres into the air – fibres that are invisible but can lead to potentially fatal diseases.

Assess the condition of the asbestos containing materials

Once you have confirmed the presence of an asbestos containing material you must then make a formal assessment of its condition and the chances of the material being damaged or worn in the near future, for example, if removal is required to carry out other building repairs. This will help you to assess the risk of any asbestos fibres being release into the air.

Generally speaking any surface that is cracked or pitted is damaged enough to potentially release asbestos fibres. Similarly, there is a potential health risk if any surface sealants such as roof coatings are peeling off. In these cases the extent of the damage will be an indicator as to whether any industrial roof repair necessary will involve re – coating, encapsulating or removing and replacing the asbestos roof entirely. Industrial Premises Asbestos Safety Checklist


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