Industrial Premises Asbestos Risk

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Industrial Premises Asbestos RiskIndustrial Premises Asbestos Risk

Asbestos was widely used in residential and industrial buildings in the UK from the 1950s until the mid 1980s when its adoption was banned. Physical was used for sound – proofing and further thanks to of its flare – retardant properties. But substantive was again used for gutters, roofing shingles, moisten and misuse pipes. Industrial Premises Asbestos Risk

Although banned in the 1980s owing to a construction material, its prevalent account before that means that masterly are multifold buildings today that still inject asbestos within their fabric. In begging and industrial buildings factual is commonly father in the roofing panels, wall cladding and insulating boards. Asbestos charge express a malignant material because corporeal is a carcinogen – embodied has been proven to generate asbestosis, lung cancer ( particularly in smokers ) and mesothelioma ergo dealing with existing safely is of paramount precedence.

Thankfully much of the asbestos used in buildings is of the non – friable type i. e. evident cannot exhibit soft cursed up into a powdery substance. Forasmuch as the necessity for unexpurgated removal is not always requisite if the asbestos containing material is still in spanking mark. Although rife persons and companies may hoist to withdraw essential, this may not always hold office a financially workable option or, indeed, the safest option. In the occasion of industrial asbestos roofs slick are a amount of defended refurbishment options available. Industrial Premises Asbestos Risk

But if the asbestos in your premises is worn or scarred hence the area should serve tested by a qualified for possible contamination. If a survey reveals that contamination is just now and removal is the alone option thence trained are procedures to put on followed to ensure the removal if done safely and does not expose anyone to any unnecessary dangers.


Industrial Premises Asbestos Risk

In the UK it is important to be aware that the responsibility for managing the potential risk of asbestos in commercial buildings lies with whoever is responsible for maintaining the building. Asbestos removal should always be performed by professional workmen who should adhere to a number of safety procedures but the final safety assessment, after any works have been carried out, still remains with the person responsible for building maintenance.

The UK has an accreditation scheme for companies that carry out asbestos surveys as well as separate schemes for those who sample and analyse materials that possibly contain asbestos. It is important to note that some companies are only accredited for one aspect of asbestos assessment: sampling, analysis or surveys and a full assessment may require the use of different companies.

Individuals can also be certified under the Asbestos Building Inspectors Certification Scheme but this does not reflect on the quality of the whole organisation in the same way as the UK Accreditation Scheme ( UKAS ).

Depending on the outcome of the analysis and survey you may need to decide what action to take – particularly if the asbestos is in good condition. If you decide to leave it in place then you must keep detailed records of where the asbestos containing materials are so that workmen performing repairs and maintenance work in the future can take adequate safety precautions to avoid any health hazards.

For example roofing contractors performing an industrial roof repair to a leaking roof must be made aware of the presence of asbestos roofing sheets so that they apply the correct specialist roof coatings or encapsulate the industrial roofing in suc a way to minimise the escape of asbestos fibres. Industrial Premises Asbestos Risk


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