Indonesian Animator to Hollywood with Tintin Movie

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Indonesian Animator to Hollywood with Tintin MovieIndonesian Animator to Hollywood with Tintin Movie

Animators from Indonesia, Rini Sugianto, became the main animator for the film production of the famous Hollywood Tintin, ‘The Adventures of Tintin.’ Indonesian Animator to Hollywood with Tintin Movie

Starting from a love for the fictional character of a journalist named Tintin tuft, a young animator named Rini Sugianto from Indonesia successfully penetrate the Hollywood film scene.

Rini is currently working as an animator at the company Weta Digital in New Zealand, has recently joined the film “The Adventures of Tintin.” Previously, S2 Rini who was a graduate of the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, California was willing to leave their jobs and life in America and moved to New Zealand, after receiving an offer for the film directed by Steven Spielberg this. “Weta hiring time again for ‘Tintin’ same ‘Rise of the Apes.’ Then after that I got a call. He said, ‘Want to move to New Zealand or not? I grew up with Tintin, Tintin as a child read on. Finally I could not refuse and moved here last year, “said Rini told VOA by phone.

Film “The Adventures of Tintin” is the first Hollywood films in which Rini come to be one of the animators. Besides being a tremendous achievement, of course, also simply make the heart glad Rini. “It was like yes, fitting interviewed (for this work), the funny thing because I was in LA had any character Tintin’s dog and his dog, Snowy. (They) is somewhat interested, too, probably because I have a dog so it may be because the dog knows its movement every day to see movement. Excitement to the opportunity to work in the film of Tintin. Especially with the kind of director Steven Spielberg. This was the first time working with the famous director, “he said.

However, Rini claimed not to have met with Steven Spielberg. “Once a week, no director of the reviews via video conference. So see it only from the video wrote, “Rini added.

In the film “The Adventures of Tintin,” Rini act as an animator with the largest share. “It happens in this film, I do most scenes, there are 70 total shots in the film Tintin,” said Rini. Indonesian Animator to Hollywood with Tintin Movie


The film which has a well-known figures such as Tintin has its own challenges. “The biggest one, is because it is already well-known comics. So people are familiar with his character. We can not arbitrarily change the story or change too much from the original, “Rini added.

The filming of “The Adventures of Tintin” also takes a long time. “Own animated, full production was probably about a year and a half. But the project itself was started about four years ago. But, for the first few years, they only work on the story. The focus is to work on the storyboard until solid, “said Rini.

See the name of Indonesia in the movie of course, is Tintin’s pride, especially for parents Rini who was watching the movie “The Adventures of Tintin” in Indonesia. “As soon hear will play in Indonesia, I was immediately told to watch. Parents did not happen to people who often watch movies. Maybe the first time in a period of ten years and the first Tintin movie they watch. They are quite proud of the view name (Rini) in the big screen, “he said.

Rini claims to be his parents who always support everything in terms of career and life. “They supported me during my time take school and the school’s decision to longer in the field of animation, and then my parents did not understand what it’s animated. But they believe that choice will make Rini happy. They fully support the start of school to seek paid employment, “said Rini.

At present, Rini is also working on another animation for Hollywood movies. “Now do again film” The Avengers, “so if the movie” Thor “and” Captain America “first, there is a-testimonial clips for” The Avengers. ” It combined all the superheroes, “he explained.

Rini message especially to fellow animator is to never despaired of reaching goals. “Never give up. If indeed there are companies that want to Indonesian animator animator-transparent, animation types learn them and make an animation like the type that they do. Long will be open chances. ” Indonesian Animator to Hollywood with Tintin Movie


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