Increasingly popular Android Tablet

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Increasingly popular Android TabletIncreasingly popular Android Tablet

The number of producers with a variety of gadgets and the latest technology innovation a major effect on the trend of the use of gadgets in Indonesia. In fact a survey in Indonesia put the tablet as a gadget products to be purchased at this time with a percentage of 38%. Increasingly popular Android Tablet

This fact can not be denied because the tablet has become a global trend today and today’s lifestyles. In 2011 alone, growth in unit sales TIME tablet launch globally has reached 255% and is predicted to continue rising to 750%.

And how about Android Tablet?
The development of Android tablet itself is very fast and able to compete with non-Android tablet. As if having Android tablet into a major requirement for gadget lovers especially for those who are also users of the Android smartphone.

Since Android was first introduced in 2007, Android Technologies continues to grow rapidly until the peak when the tablet using the Android version 2.2 (Froyo) in 2010. A user interface and processor performance, not promises Android Froyo version for a tablet because Froyo is more widely used for android smartphone market.


Then in early 2011, a special technology to surface Android tablet! Android Honeycomb with a larger screen size, better user interface and graphics acceleration hardware is designed specifically for the Tablet.

At this level many emerging telecom manufacturers to introduce the newest version of Android tablet Honeycomb. PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia continues to innovate by creating a line of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet series. Starting from Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Tab 7.0 Plus Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

So, do not be surprised if the series of Samsung Galaxy Tab already be in the hands of friends, colleagues or even your family to meet different needs. From the start of work productivity, entertainment to communicate. Well how about you?

For those users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can now get the latest info about the product or the show Samsung Galaxy Tab or share information with each other with other users Galaxy Tab. Increasingly popular Android Tablet



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