Incase systm, Tough Polycarbonate Case

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Incase systm, Tough Polycarbonate Case

Incase systm – Incase is one of the manufacturer’s range of gadget cases and accessories are pretty experienced. This time, the producers in attendance since 1997 comes with anything you might be looking for, especially for users of the iPhone 4/4S. If you do a lot of work and outdoor activities, your smartphone may be at high risk for falls, scratches and eventually damage both physically and systems. beloved iPhone finally more languishing in your pocket or purse, to be replaced with other phones. Incase systm
Incase systm, Tough Polycarbonate Case
Well, Incase has launched systm, a strong case can protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes effects. Case uses foam Poron XRD on his body, including in the corner so that when the iPhone regardless of grip, vibrations and collisions can be mitigated with good and will not interfere with the performance and physical appearance of your iPhone.

Systm has several variants. For version Chisel, your iPhone will be protected by a layer made of polycarbonate combined with rubber for better protection. Chisel is available in 6 colors namely Black / Asphalt, Asphalt / Orange, Black / Techno Blue, Asphalt / Pop Pink, Black / Plum and White / Black is marketed at a price of $ 34.95. Incase systm
Next was Hammer who we think has the form of more rigid and bulky impressed. But the relatively light weight and on the outside there is a raised grip that will strengthen grip so it does not easily fall. Available in 4 colors namely Black, Orange, Blue and Pop Techno Pink. Hammer priced cheaper which is only $ 29.95.

Last is the Vise that has the highest sales price, $ 49.95 or almost half a million dollars. Case has two layers of protection that rubber case with Poron XRD foam on the inside to reduce impact, and the polycarbonate shell on the outside is tough. One feature that is not owned two other series is a belt clip that can be rotated up to 360 degrees.
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Vise has the least amount of color options, the Black / Asphalt, Asphalt / Orange, Asphalt / Pop Pink. If you are interested, please make an online purchase in the pages systm. Meanwhile, if you want to see a collection of artificial Incase case more, you can follow this link. Incase systm

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