iHome iP76 is so Amazing

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iHome iP76 is so Amazing

If you ever go to a concert of great music, the stage is often enlivened by colorful lights that attract. Various visual effects can indeed add to the enjoyment when listening to music. Well, now you also can present a gala concert at the house with the latest from the iHome iPod dock below. iHome iP76 is so Amazing

iHome iP76 is so Amazing

iHome iP76 uniqueness lies in its high-rise like speakers floorstand and body studded with LED lights. More than just a regular lamp, iHome Glowtunes named this feature. Actual placement of lights on the dock audio has been applied in several other iHome products such as iHM61, iP15, and ID3. But this is the first time they release products capable of removing Glowtunes 7 different colors.

When playing music, the lights will be in the body iP76 fiery rhythm with attractive transition effects such as fade, pulse, and strobe. Even to better suit your tastes, these effects can also be arranged at will. So do not be surprised if your room suddenly turned into a private discotheque floor. iHome iP76 is so Amazing

As an iPod dock, its function is not much different from other similar products. When you plug your iPod or iPhone into the dock which is located at the top, this iP76 will charge the battery fully. But unique, iHome IOS provides an application called Sleep app to make the iHome iP76 as an alarm.

iHome iP76 is not just any iPod dock. Speaker of almost 1 meter tall tower is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5mm jack for audio devices non-IOS. iHome also pinned Component connections that can be used to send video content from your media device to the TV screen. Meanwhile, to provide quality audio, iHome speakers instill four Reson8 tech.

iHome iP76 is scheduled to be released in foreign markets around the month of July 2012, with a very attractive price tag, which is only U.S. $ 200. iHome iP76 is so Amazing

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