How to Service Epson T20E Total dead

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How to Service Epson T20E Total dead

How to Service Epson T20E Total deadMy subject this time is on the way Epson T20E Service Dead. Indication if the printer is pressed T20E powernya button does not react in any significant or total death. What happened and how do I fix this?

Maybe you've come across cases of Epson Dead, not only the Dead T20E but it can occur in other type Epson, eg, T11, C90, C65, etc..
If the printer is turned on does not react at all and totally dead.

OK just did not have further ado, the following:

Way of Epson T20E Service Dead:

1. Disassemble the printer and take the board.

2. Check the output power supply, if normal should exit voltage 43-45vdc.

3. If the power suplynya normal, you go the next step is check the diode, as I pointed out in the picture.

4. If the diode short / short-circuit, then this is the source of the problem.
With this diode short cause of the electrical power supply which is a 43-45vdc grounding or short-circuit, so it looks totally dead.
Most people think supply defective power diode only when you have in this T20E printer mainboard.

5. Replace the usual 1-2 Ampere diode, if you are having trouble finding a similar diode.

6. Done, just try ....

Remember ....!! total death cases epson printer is not only happening in T20E, but can occur at T11, C90, C65, maybe even printer TX101, TX111, etc..

Congratulations and good luck.


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