How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200

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How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200

How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200

Early indications:
When the iP2770 is turned on, the printer looks normal with GREEN LED flash. But when ordered to print, then the 5200 error will appear, and the LED will turn green Blinking 8x 1x orange . How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200

Here's How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200:
1. The printer is turned off and plugged the power cord.
2. Press the RESUME button two seconds
then press the POWER button until the green light flash (when pressing the POWER button, Resume button jgn ... released first)
3. Then release the RESUME button, but do not release the button POWER.
4. POWER button while still depressed, press the Resume button 5 times. Led will flash alternately orange green with orange flames last. (do not be mistaken because the printer would die 4 times total, but temporary, too) Then ...
5. Release both buttons simultaneously.
6. Led will blink briefly then will glow GREEN.
7. And the computer will detect new hardware, ignore it ...
8. Press the POWER button, the printer will die.
9. Press the POWER button again turns on and then the printer will ... PRINTER iP2770 is ready to use.

Reset Canon iP2770 Ways error 5200:

Turn on the printer, and the printer will look normal.
Run the printer for printing documents or print test, then the 5200 error will appear.
Directly unplug the power cord without pressing the on-off
Open and slide it into the middle of its cartridges manually (press the latch on the back lock white head, so that cartridges can be pulled into the middle)
Unplug all the cartridges and leave the lid open
Turn on the printer, hit the head will move left and right because the lid is still open and will stop in the middle.
Replace the cartridge, and close the right
The printer will return to normal.

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How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200

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