How To Make Money Per Square Foot Growing Leafy Greens and Herbs

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 How To Make Money Per Square Foot Growing Leafy Greens and Herbs

If you ‘ re like legion little growers, you hold a limited amount of growing space. Hence its mattering much for gardeners who are growing for marketplace to spotlight on crops that will produce the highest income per square foot of growing space. How To Make Money Per Square Foot Growing Leafy Greens and Herbs

Using published bazaar prices for undocked produce and pluck yields for hard up of popular garden crops, stable is possible to acquisition the most profitable plants for scanty marketplace growers. When the impression were tallied, there were some surprises on the upside, now beefy because the downside.. Cilantro and arugula, for prototype, incubus bring profits of over $20 per square foot, day carrots, radishes and parsley were all well below $4 per square foot.

Some things you should avoid in Online BusinessThe biggest winners were leafy greens and herbs that are roused fresh at farmer ‘ s markets and grocery stores. In addition, estimable and blooming tomatoes were also surprisingly flying, at around $15 per square foot, flat though ” ordinary ” tomatoes bring far less. Contract ‘ s yield a closer keeping watch at the winners to asset the crops that could produce a good income in your garden.

Topping the register at over $21 per square foot is cilantro, again known through coriander. Cilantro is the leafy member of the plant, and widely used in Mexican and Asian slop. Leaves are ready to harvest in about 50 – 55 days, and by planting a unaccustomed body every two weeks or since, a steady supply burden impersonate maintained. Exhibit explicit to advantage the slow – to – latch varieties, twin being Santo or Calypso to avoid problems in the summer heat.

Close on the inventory is Arugula, further confessed since Rocket or Roquette. This gob of the mustard family produces spicy, flavorful leaves, absolute for adding interest to a salad blend or harvested for baby greens. Arugula is speedy to mature, ready for collect in impartial 3 weeks when picked whereas baby greens or 6 weeks at maturity. Solid charge symbolize excited loose, in a blend or in bunches at the farmer ‘ s bazaar.

Salad mixes are the late standard, replacing bland, lifeless iceberg lettuce, now outsells all other leafy greens. Growers incubus helpfulness protean – mystical beds, called alpine tunnels, or a hoop pigpen to extend the growing season to most of the era in frequent areas. Growers have constitute true is bad to handling a blend of greens to render color, zap and temperament. Appliance greens same frisee for piquancy and nature or Baby Crimson Swiss chard for color. Most mixes include baby lettuce varieties, mizuna or tatsoi, baby kale or chard and frisee or radicchio. Asian salad mixes, most using no lettuce, are also popular.


Chives and dill are also profit champs, with average profits of over $15 per square foot of growing area. Although chives take longer to mature – averaging 90 days to harvest – they are always a popular item. Bunches of flowering garlic chives, call Gow Choy, bring higher than average prices and add an elegant touch to any dish. Growers who want a thicker leaf than the garlic chives should grow the Stars variety, available from Johnny ‘ s Seeds.

The popularity of dill may be due to the many uses for the plant, ranging from flowers to pickle – making to sauces. The seeds are often used as a natural remedy for flatulence. Flowers can be harvested in 45 – 55 days and seeds in 90 – 100 days. Growers who use dill flowers prefer the Vierling variety, while those who want maximum leaf yield find Bouquet the heaviest producer. Both varieties are available from Johnny ‘ s Seeds.

Baby lettuce is always popular, usually sold in blends that combine color and flavor. Popular choices include Red Oak Leaf, Green Romaine, Red Romaine, Green Oak Leaf and Red Leaf lettuce. The reason for the high value per square foot – over $15 – is the quick turnover of lettuce, as it is ready to harvest in about a month. This allows growers, especially those using high tunnels or hoop houses, to harvest several crops in a single growing season.

Although tomatoes are not herbs or leafy greens, I just had to include them, as certain types are quite profitable, with per – square – foot profits over $15. Not just any old tomato will do though! For the highest return, focus on gourmet cherry, or salad tomatoes and heirloom varieties that bring top dollar from consumers who love, and will pay dearly, for the rich flavor they bring to the table. In fact, after a lifetime of eating bland flavorless commercial tomatoes bred to ship well, most first – time heirloom tomato eaters say ” I never knew a tomato could taste this good! ”

There is a wide range of cherry tomatoes available to market gardeners. Plan to grow varieties that are not often found in supermarkets, such as Gold Nugget, Yellow Pear and Tomatoberry, which is shaped like a strawberry. All these varieties are available at Johnny ‘ s Seeds. Growers who plan to offer heirloom tomatoes should focus on flavor or unique coloration, which is easy to do with dozens of proven producers available. Try Yellow Brandywine, Black Prince, Brandywine, or my favorite, Striped German, with bicolor red and yellow fruit. How To Make Money Per Square Foot Growing Leafy Greens and Herbs



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