How To Install Canon iP2770 CISS

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How To Install Canon iP2770 CISS

How To Install Canon iP2770 CISS

This topic is How to Install Canon iP2770 CISS. How to Put iP2770 infusion is indeed a bit different with the other type canon. want to know how .....?

OK just so ....

How to Put Infusion Canon iP2770:

1. Prepare the following tools hoses and the device IV.

2. catridge black holes, adjust the picture. The hole should not be loose fitting.

3. This step is the difference between the infusion canon IP2770 which the underlying model.
Catridge colors also perforated, for the colors blue and yellow as canon first infusion. As for the red color a little hole in the slide to the left about 3mm. Then close the lock-bit color catridge little cavity is made to place the red hose. Because if not made ​​like that then it would not be detected because Catridge locks are not perfect.

More details see the picture.

4. Then put both catridge and special color catrid fouled him with a paper towel / paper to stick catrid catrid perfectly at home. If not installed catridge  perfect at home (due to loose) then the printer will blink green orange 1x 5x. If there is blinking again fix the location catridge.

5. Set the ink tube to adjust the picture. See section on duct tape.

6. Done live tried .......

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