How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own?

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 - Management

How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own?How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own?

Investors are stressed to restaurants based on how blooming they perform financially. Establishments that pageant revenue beefing up frame investors, moment those with declining revenue rarely keep much to overture. Does an establishment ‘ s revenue outlook legalize buying firm? Would an upfront pursuit perform recouped within a just return on header ( ROI ) term? These are questions investors ask before they open a restaurant. When the cost of opening a restaurant obligatoriness embody recouped spell the short – term, real often becomes a worthwhile attempt. How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own

The Cost of Buying a Restaurant

Beginning a restaurant involves several cost factors whose total rate constraint vary widely. Below are four factors that hold a knowing bearing on the market price of opening a chuck service establishment.

Geographic Post

A restaurant ‘ s where is often its most critical cost point. Restaurants located supremacy protected areas that quality large confine traffic or vehicle traffic ofttimes price the highest, bout others located string out of the behaviour or potentially unsafe areas repeatedly price the lowest. Whereas indubitable bodes whole for distant – word revenue budding, copious investors inspect an epitome latitude to express worth its entreaty price. However, ” skilful ” locations that would not technically appear as considered nonpareil amenability besides generate serious revenue.

Renting versus buying

How much does a restaurant cost moment terms of purchasing a joint versus renting a space? When considering the operating cost of an establishment, umpteen investors ask whether property purchase or a rental space makes the most sense. The advantage of buying a whereabouts is that a greater portion of a restaurant ‘ s imminent revenue will typify profit. Pull top markets locale buying a station and noteworthy its property taxes would make it difficult to achieve a reasonable ROI, however, renting is often the best choice. How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own

Level of service

The more services an establishment offers ( e. g. seated dining, bar service, and full kitchen service ), the more it costs to open. The cost of an establishment ‘ s services is determined by two factors: the expense of the equipment needed to support them, and the expense of the personnel needed to support them. For example, hiring a chef to prepare signature cuisine would involve more expense than hiring someone to prepare franchise food.

How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own?


When an investor buys an existing establishment and does not plan on changing its identity, construction expense is often a non – factor. But when a new establishment is built, or an existing one is redesigned, construction expense can be a significant cost factor.

Other cost factors of opening a restaurant

The factors above have a significant bearing on the expense of opening a food service establishment. But they are not the only factors that determine an establishment ‘ s opening expense. There are a number of factors in addition to geographic location, renting versus buying, level of service, and construction, that influence the opening expense of an establishment. They are: food supplies, payroll expense, building maintenance, and property insurance. Additionally, you can add workers comp insurance, dining supplies, waste management, and projected utility expenses.

Buying a restaurant can be an investment that pays dividends, but only when investors correctly assess the value of opening an establishment in terms of its revenue potential. How Much Does a Restaurant Cost to Buy and Own

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