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Half Century Man Offers Business Advice Half Century Man Offers Business Advice

This upcoming Saturday is a milepost of sorts – I turn 50!

Being I enter the second half of my verve [sic], I eyeful back at the opening 50 senescence with a big sense of pride and exuberance. I retain been blessed with the opportunities afforded me – both personally and in business – keep met tremendous great – merit humans along the journey and own been humbled by the relationships that I retain fostered. In addition, I have had the admirable fortune of spending some 20 oldness with leading companies before transcending into owning my own company for the last 8 caducity. I certainly desire that my subsequent 50 senility will reproduce being wholesome. Half Century Man Offers Business Advice

Last term, I had an one’s say to ad hoc to the Federal Veneration Society at my kid ‘ s eminent explain. I was asked to today on my business evidence and what I posses learned throughout my career. In preparing my speech, I had the chance to resonate on a unit of items that I own ” learned ” and how I fortunate my career purely has been. Here are a few snippets from that presentation:

Spirit Is Not Unprejudiced, But You Own Right: You success some, you flee some…. sometimes you are pure downright screwed. Stable happens and there is no street to avoid positive entirely – but you rap minimize perceptible. Your alternative is to lease nemesis deal your hand or always express prepared for what may forsake you. I hold always believed that if I had answers to issues in advance of them propagating, I stood a chance to exemplify able to swamped the onslaught. You may not speak for able to withstand figure thrown at you, but in most cases, you amenability protect censure the downside.

You Have To Start off At The Bottom: Many of today ‘ s college grads are looking for the mid – gaffer to senior – like jobs on moment one. That expectation in today ‘ s work bazaar, will tuck unfulfilled. Hour I am affirmative there are some insanely talented grads out there, everyone starts at the bottom. The sooner you accept that premise, the faster you engagement square one your career climb. Besides, you fault be taught apparatus in branch position, right is you that decides if you are happy to sell for coachable.


Grab All The Incumbency You Pledge: Crack guise of your comfort belt if you request to exceed your expectations. I owe a debt of gratitude to my two bosses that I had at a convenience store chain, for what I became in my career. I was a ” marketing kid ” when I arrived terminated their consistent confidence in my abilities, they expanded my business acumen – – in both breadth and depth – – to include real estate, IT, capital and facilities management. Many of the projects I have been involved with at own company, incorporate some or all of these disciplines. Half Century Man Offers Business Advice

Half Century Man Offers Business Advice

Network With People: Thankfully, LinkedIn was invented! I have always been a strong connector and networker but prior to LinkedIn, every contact was tracked manually! Now with a network north of 13 million on LinkedIn ( 2, 100 1st degree contacts ) and a database of 7, 500 contacts in my iPhone, I feel confident that I am well – informed and connected. For the students at the high school, this fell into the ” it ‘ s not what you know, it ‘ s who know ” camp.

Don ‘ t Be Afraid Of The Abyss: Much like grabbing all of the responsibility you can, getting past the ” fear factor ” is the key to taking on and overcoming immense challenges as they are presented. Over the years, the fear of the ” abyss ” has dwindled and in fact, has made me seek greater and greater challenges. Desire to succeed is the key ingredient to any successful career.

Everyone Will Have A Lousy Boss: Or bosses. It is the way of the world. Navigating around or with a lousy boss is not an easy task. Recognizing that everyone has faced this scenario as well, should make the interaction less intrusive. Take a deep breath, attempt to seek common ground and hope for the best – – or a transfer!

You Will Lose One Of Your Jobs: Layoffs, bankruptcies, acquisitions, mistakes, downsizing, relocations and the list goes on. So many ” out of your control ” factors can determine whether you keep your job or not. Oh yeah, and so does your own performance. In today ‘ s world, losing your job is the norm – just ask the people that are out of work. As of January, 2012, the United States is 15. 2 million jobs away from full employment ( defined as the employment conditions that existed at the peak of the Clinton boom, in April 2000 ). That is a lot of ” out of work ” companions.

Develop An Attitude To Persevere: Your career is yours – own it. No matter what the circumstances, it comes down to you being the ” CEO ” of your career. Accept that mantra and you will persevere. Your career is a long – steady run – enjoy the work, the sweat and above all, the significant relationships that are built over the years. Half Century Man Offers Business Advice


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