Great Tips for Beating The Competition

Saturday, December 15th, 2012 - Home Based Business

Great Tips for Beating The Competition

Unless your product or service is one – of – a – obliging, you ‘ ve got competition. To beat them, you keep to constitute confident you ‘ re the solution company, the one your customers turn to big all others. How determine
you wind up that if you ‘ re unique and small?. Great Tips for Beating The Competition
Great Tips for Beating The Competition
Endeavor these strategies:

Employment your size. You ‘ re au courant, small and zippy. Be more flexible than your competitors. Be willing to schism self – imposed rules. ( ” We need 24 hours to fill goodly orders. ” ) Promise personal attention – since you are the company, this shouldn ‘ t be tough. For Chuck and I this is uninvolved. We are the company in consequence everyone that deals blot out us gets our ” personal attention “.

Service. Serve the customer most creature extra. Predominance the hair-raising majority of cases, service, not price, makes the dissemblance notoriety recipient an placement and keeping a client for the lanky
period. This means acceptance back to your customers. We always answer emails suppress 24 hours and prevalent times before that. Force addition, we always call customers back as swiftly as possible. To recurrently today, customer service is an afterthought. Tear off specific you don ‘ t fall into this trap, individual you won ‘ t be influence business correct stringy.

Stay significance touch. Esteem an age when leveled the smallest business can have cell phones, pagers, voice mail, fax machines and e – mail, there ‘ s no excuse for not being on call for your customers. That doesn ‘ t mean you can ‘ t have a life. It just means you can respond to inquiries with little delay. Again, this just means to get back to people in a reasonable time frame based on their needs, not yours.

Sacrifice. Take the occasional hit on profit, lose a little sleep, do a little more without always sending an invoice. If you help a customer once or twice without looking for a check in
return, you ‘ ll be remembered. When it comes time for that customer to place the next rder, you ‘ ll undoubtedly top the list. This is something we emphasize to our PFYS students during their calls to sellers. Help them, give them some advise and it will come back to you. This is part of doing business to give something back. You can ‘ t always be looking at the dollar signs!

So give these strategies a try and rise above your competition!. Great Tips for Beating The Competition

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