Google show off The Prototype Future Glasses

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Google show off The Prototype Future GlassesGoogle show off The Prototype Future Glasses

Early last April, Google has announced their smart glasses project called Project Glass. Project that utilizes augmented reality technology can be called a future project, which may just be a concept. Google show off The Prototype Future Glasses

However, it was a prototype smart sunglasses have been used by one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin, at a charity event in San Francisco. It shows Google is not messing around with this project.

She wore a smart photo-based augmented reality glasses have been circulating on the internet. He was admitted to the prominent technology blogger from the United States, Robert Scoble, that he wore glasses are the prototype of the Glass Project and has been functioning quite well.

However, Scoble does not allow her to try out the glasses. “He told me it was a prototype glasses. I saw a blue light flashing on the right lens. I would predict that the glasses to read my Google profile or detect something of myself,” said Scoble. Google show off The Prototype Future Glasses


Video of Project Glass: One day…

He said the glasses are real, very light, and look like the glasses in general. However, Scoble not known exactly how it works eyeglasses.


The concept video, titled “Glass Project: One day …” on the video sharing site YouTube, Google showed how smart glasses capable of capturing, through a Google Map showing directions, check-in location, schedule appointments, and even do video chats. All activities that would later appear in the lens, right in front of users.

However, the video glasses is still a concept and is under study. There is no certainty whether the glasses will Google Android operating system such as smart glasses Moverio BT-100 has been released Epson. Google show off The Prototype Future Glasses


we wait for its presence, these glasses may actually released, and that means for the rapid progress of technological development. and hopefully the technology is attractive, affordable and can be enjoyed by all walks of life.


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