Google rely on Asus to make Nexus Tablet?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 - Business Gallery

Google rely on Asus to make Nexus Tablet?Google rely on Asus to make Nexus Tablet?

Google News will release a 7-inch tablet Android growing toward the light. Reportedly, Google close to Asus to make products at a price of 199 U.S. dollars. Want to rival the Kindle Fire and Nook?. Google rely on Asus to make Nexus Tablet?

If Google has been holding for the Samsung Nexus series smartphone, Google is being hotly discussed as close to Asus for making tablets, Google Nexus 7 inches.

Google’s interest to take after seeing the Asus 7-inch tablet made ​​by Asus worth 249 U.S. dollars using the quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas early last year.

If the news is true then the tablet is a tablet will directly compete with Amazon’s Kindle as well as tablets made ​​by Fire Nook of ‘Barnes and Noble’ at the same price and the product is selling well.

Google seems confident of the success of its first Android tablet this time. Because the Kindle is only sold in the Fire a few countries were selling well enough.

Fire use the Kindle Android “trimmed” and do not have a suite of Google services. This is the power of Google to get into the business Android tablet.

However, Google Nexus tablet will only include smaller internal memory, it looks like below 4 GB. This was done so that the device is lighter and cheaper, with the assumption that users can add external memory devices will be added as a MicroSD card slot.

Google believes the tablet is sold though smaller internal memory, because Google will include a complete quad-core processor with Google services and software updates on a regular basis. Moreover, Google promised to sell only the price of these devices for 199 U.S. dollars.

The tablet is expected to begin production this April and will be ready for market about June this year. Google rely on Asus to make Nexus Tablet?

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